Settings won’t update

I am unable to update the time on the AC200p.
50/60hz wouldn’t update setting (*after a few resets now updates)

100/120v wouldn’t update (* now updates)

Language setting Japanese/English will update
Eco mode will turn on/off

A few days ago I switched from PV charge to Car charge, and when AC200P is switched back to PV mode ; it will no longer charge via solar with the Bluetti solar panels * 3.

Strange glitches: for a few days the AC and DC toggles were “switched”.
As in the DC toggle on the lcd would turn on/off the AC inverter and the AC would turn on/off the DC charge ports.

After a few resets the “dc/ac switch” issue solved itself

This unit is pretty new and a replacement for my first AC200p. I’ve been taking very well care of it.
The temperature has been getting warmer so the fans been turning on more often.

Load wise I’m running 10w led light and about 30w of electronics; laptop, tablet, smartphone

Any insight or help would be appreciated!

Are you possible operating the touch screen with any type of gloves or have you applied a screen protector sheet to the touch display screen? Regarding the charging issue: was your AC200 already fully charged? Did the display screen indicate voltage was present when you connected your panels?

My first thought after reading your post is that is seems very unlikely that you had received an AC200P, got it replaced and the second AC200P has many, many issues that are unusual. You do not mention what issues you had with the first AC200P but if you have two units that both had similar problems, then troubleshooting logic would point away from the AC200s as the source of the problem.

I just read back through your original post about not being able to charge your unit again after running it down to “0” and letting it sit and then would no operat so I assume that is why your first unit was returned. Something is not right in your setup or usage of the unit for two units to fail like that.

Here is your original post for your first unit. Anyone else have any ideas why two completely different AC200’s would have such failures?

The quality of these AC200p are great. Most of the issues solved themselves after a few resets.

The issues I’m having right now are

Time/date won’t update.
And solar charging.

Maybe they’re related? As for now we are charging the AC200p via wall plug off our gas generator.

The first unit went without any issues for several months until we had a power outage (stormy weather), and it ran down to 0%. And bluetti addressed that problem very quickly.(Thanks Bluetti !!)

I didn’t mention the first AC200p as that’s a totally separate unit from this one, and didn’t have issues with updating the date and other settings, and would no longer charge at all or even turn on.

This new unit is less than a couple months old and came with issues from the get go. Not being able to update the date. It didn’t bother me since it hasn’t affected the functionality of the unit ; charging our electronics and keeping the 10w led light on at night.

But since the unit was switched to car charge for a rv trip and now back to pv mode for solar it no longer charges via solar. Still charges from the wall charger just not from solar unlike the older unit which doesn’t charge or even turn on.

The new unit has been charged to 100% once accidentally. But overall we’ve been keeping it charged to max: 85% min: 30%

The new unit didn’t indicate voltage when connected to the bluetti panels.
I’ll test the panels tomorrow with a multimeter and see if they’re the issue.

Any ideas on saving and updating the date on the unit?

Since no voltage was indicated on the screen when connected to solar, I would suspect that there is no incoming voltage from the solar panels. Check first for voltage at the end of the aviation cable. If no voltage is present, disconnect all panels and check each panel separately for voltage and if present, connect the panels as before and check for voltage at the two outgoing MC4 connections. If voltage is present at the outgoing MC4 cables, connect the MC4 to XT90 cable and check for voltage. If voltage is present at the end of the XT90 connector, connect it to the XT90 to Aviation cable and check for voltage at the end of the aviation cable. I suspect one of these connections is the issue. If any one of these connections has failed to make a good contact, no voltage will be present going into the AC200

I am not with my 200 currently but the issue with the time and date not setting has something to do with having to hit the “set” or “enter” key after every numeral entry. I do not recall the exact title of the “set” key on the screen.

Walked into the storage unit where the AC200p is and found it charging off of PV!! 2-5watts while connected to 2 panels atm since it’s early.

The unit is still acting a bit strange. Charged to roughly 70% last night and found it at 47% with the ac inverter and dc toggle off. Absolutely nothing was connected except pv and wall charger.

Set the date and time and it saved!!

Tested the panels
Panel #1 20-3x volts
Panel #2 was reading briefly for 2 mins then dead no voltage
Panel #3 from the start dead no voltage

On closer inspection of the dead panels. Some of the solar cells are no longer glued to the units interior board and seems to have popped up. I’m guessing from the heat of the sun.

If I remember correctly I’ve read that the unit will not charge via pv unless connected to 2 bluetti panels minimum.
It seems to be trickle charging with 1 panel that’s operating 100% and a broken panel. Is this possible ? Maybe panel #2 is only partially broken ?

I’ll do some more testing and report back. Thanks a ton Scott! Truly appreciate your knowledge and input.

All three panels exposed to the same sun at the same angle should have sim voltages. If your cells are delaminating, i would get them replaced. Any bad panel in a series will not allow the others to pass voltage.

The Bluetti AC200P requires a minimum of 35 volts to charge and since a single panel is around 20 volts, no charging will occur with a single panel. But…since you were connected to multiple panels, I would guess that the other panels were contributing to some voltage to get over the 35 volt minimum even though they may not be producing much of anything. To get a good voltage reading, you need a good sunny day and have the panel aimed directly at the sun and then repeat for the other two panels. Incoming voltage will appear on the AC200 display even if it is less than the 35 volt minimum. No charging will begin however until you get close to 35 volts. If you have a bad panel connected in a series with other panels it will drag the other panels down with it.

When you mention “Connected to the wall charger”, what do you mean by that? Did you have the AC power brick plugged in and charging all night as well?

the obvious commonality is the solar array, perhaps they are somehow poisoning the AC200P function?

strong radio interference?