Sales Support MIA

Ordered a EB3a and Solar panels on June 21. Payment processed through my bank. Have left several email and chat requests for shipping status. So far….crickets. The “black hole” of phone support is useless. Am I the only one having this issue?

Bluetti, if you are “listening” my order number is 32541 and I would greatly appreciate an update.

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On their product page for EB3A: “Order Numbers After “BLUETTI-US32149”: Will ship by June 30th.”

Thanks Ziggy29. This addition to the product page was after I made the order. Good to know.

Something fishy is going on here, they aren’t answering the phone or replying to any requests. Call your credit card company asap and dispute the charge.

Apparently their customer service reps are in China. I got an answer overnight (after I made my post) that my order would be processed “soon”. Will see what happens.

ahh mine is in the 29000 's

So did you get yours?

Negative- not even a acknowledgment

Wow! I got a response be emailing I’m guessing you tried that email address already.

I just received a E Mail from them, they are back ordered and will be notified in a week or so- I think if they would just let people know ,one way or another, things would be better-

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Totally agree. I’ll keep the thread posted on my order and maybe you could do the same on yours.

My EB3A took about a week to ship from the order date.

Thanks Sol77, good to know. Out of curiosity, when did you order yours?

Ted, I had ordered just the EB3A (no panels) from the website on June 16th. A week later on June 23rd with nothing happening, I tried calling to the deep hole of full voicemail, wrote an email with no response, and used the Chat button on the site. The next day they responded on the Chat and gave me a link to track the progress of my order. The UPS label was created on June 22nd, Origin scan from Toronto Canada on the 23rd, and departed Canada on the 24th. It should be here by Wednesday June 29th to Ohio.

The one I ordered from Amazon on June 16th arrived yesterday the 25th. Then on June 21st I ordered another EB3A along with the PV120 solar panel from the Bluetti site, but according to the website it shows “Order Numbers After “BLUETTI-US32149”: Will ship by June 30th.”

With their lack of response I’m seeing from so many others, I’m hesitant to order anything from their site again. If it goes up on Amazon then I probably will.

Thanks Jayling. Like you, I ordered the EB3a and PV 120 panels on June 21st from their website. Finally got a response by email that my “order will be processed soon”. Will wait till the 30th to see if I get a shipping confirmation before I open a case with PayPal.

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Oh, by the way, I never did receive an email with the shipping information, I only got the tracking info when someone replied to my Chat text. I have a feeling that not only the new EB3A’s are backordered, but possibly the solar panels also since they were cheaper with the bundles than alone.

Sounds Good, I’ll keep you posted.

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Got word today that my EB3A and PV120 panels have shipped and will be here next week. Will keep you posted.

Eb3a arrived! Updated firmware to vxxx.10 w/no problems. Unit working well. Fan noise? Yeah but not overly obnoxious.

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Hi @Tedmillere , We are sorry for the short time out of stock and untimely logistic transportation of EB3A due to the surge of orders.
Glad to know that you have received the EB3A and solar panel. If any problems arise during the use of it, please feel free to contact our support team. Thank you again for your great support to BLUETTI.