Replacement Parts

It is possible to get replacement parts for the Bluetti EB70?

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Hi @schueszy ,
Sorry for inconvenience caused. Is there something wrong with your EB70? What is the part that needs to be replaced?
Would appreciate if you could provide a screenshot of the order. Looking forward to your updates.

Hello Admin!
Thank you for your response. I bought the EB70 1 month ago and i was happy with it. Unfortunately i had Solar Panels wrong connected. (in series) and so the charge regulator is damaged. I can’t load the EB 70 anymore. So i opened this device to see the error, and i was right, the charge regulator is damaged. By opening it me aware that I have lost the warranty. So my Question is, is it possible to get a replacement board. I need the replacement board witch is located on the front side from the bluetti eb70. Thank you for your response.

The Serial Number of the EB70 is 30355ZE22130566,

and the Part Number of the board is:
EB70 U V3.0

Hi @schueszy , We need to confirm the following questions.

  1. How do you connect the solar panel please?
  2. What are the solar panel parameters?
  3. Can the machine be charged with a 200W adapter now?

Thanks for your kind cooperations.

I connected 3x solar panels in series, and i olso connected the powersupply parallel with an Y Kabel.
One solar modul has 19V. and 100Wp. No a cannot charge the machine anymore with the powersupply.

Here is an picture from the damaged solar charger IC

You can see the IC has an little bubble on it.
I got the Bluetti EB70 from Amazon, and i also ask my Amazon Seller for an replacement board.
He said he try it.

I hope that they can help you get the part. While on this subject, if I need parts in the Philippines, what would have have to do and how long would it take (EB150)?

Hi @schueszy ,
After confirming with the engineer, you need to replace the front panel for this EB70. Did you purchase it from our official BLUETTI Amazon store? If yes, contact Amazon customer service for registration, then you need to replace the board at your own expense (not covered by warranty if caused by the customer).
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

I wasn’t thinking and did the same thing…unplugged an AC200P from a 85V array and plugged directly into the EB70. Duh! It popped twice then let off smoke. My purchase was directly with Bluetti. How can I obtain replacement parts (I realize there will be a charge)?

Thanks in advance, Jeff

Hi @Goodoz , please don’t worry.
Please contact our support team via, and your BLUETTI order number, send the relevant video and describe the situation, and they will provide you with a proper return to the factory repair solution.
Due to the surge in email volume, support team has a 72-hour response time frame.Hope for your kind understanding :blush:

I sent an email off this afternoon…thank you for your reply. Jeff

And I thought I’m the only one who accidentally feeds too many volts (65V instead of < 28V) into my EB power station. Goes to show that Bluetti should strongly consider implementing better over-voltage protection.


Hi @bxm6306 , Your suggestion has been received. We will feedback to the development department. Thank you very much!