Renogy (or Rigid) Solar Panels Compatibility

Are the Renogy Solar Panels, 12v 100watt compact solar panels (Model No. RNG-100D-SS-US) compatible with the AC200P? How about the upcoming AC300?

GREAT questions. I would like to know the answers too. I have 4 200 Watt Renogy suitcase panels and will they work with AC200P and AC300

Yes they do. I have 3 100w renogy flexible panels and they work just fine.

Thanks! I thought that would be the case; just double-checking.

Your welcome. I wanted the best panels on the market in my opinion. They are expensive. One blew off the roof into the road and nothing was hurt. Still like new. A well made product.

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Question I have 4 200 watt renogy suitcase panels. I am assuming I can wire in series and charge my Bluetti AC300 and Ac200P. Is that correct?
Thank you James

I am no technical expert, but based on what I know I do not see any problem at all in your scenario.

I think I have to bypass the controller in these solar panels and wire them in series to hook up to the Bluetti AC200P or the AC 300 or the B300. I am a newby. Is that correct? Thanks

Maybe this?

100W panel example (Voc): 22.3V

X 6


So 6 panels in series 134 volts, which is less than the MAX of 150 volts of AC200P.

It looks like 2 in series is the minimum, but long runs of cable from panel to controller will lower the voltage quickly.

Please note that I have no idea what I am talking about, I have never even owned a solar panel, and I am still figuring out for myself.

Yeah. Since Bluetti’s minimum charging voltage is 16V on other models, I do not understand WHY I need at least two 18V panels in series to start charging the AC200. That’s downright cumbersome!
Does that seem only(?) a way to sell more panels? Or to enforce lessened loss in long cabling?

Well don’t switch the AC200P to CAR mode (11.5V-14.4V/23V-28.8V) from PV mode whatever you do if you want to use low voltage charging!

But if you do, tell us what happens!

I’ve ordered my AC200P and am about to order the Renogy 100w compact solar panels (Model No. RNG-100D-SS-US) like you JT. I had the following questions related to these panels:

  1. The Lowes panels have this same model number as what’s on Renogy’s site so I assume it’s same exact panel. I’ve heard of manufacturers producing a cheaper version to sell in big box stores than what they sell (for certain products); is anyone aware of that with these or any panels?

  2. I’ve read what appears to be advantages to over paneling and was wondering if anyone has perspectives on doing it with AC200P. If it makes sense, I’d like to over panel as much as possible over the (6) 100w Renogy panels perceived limit (to help produce watts during less sunny times of the day, etc.)

I’m a newbie so any and all feedback is greatly appreciated.

I ordered my Renogy panels from Amazon; if it has the same exact model no. then it, I am sure, the same panel.

Based on my limited knowledge, over paneling a little is not a problem…the AC200P will accept only so much voltage and that is it. Someone else please correct me if I am wrong. So, for example, if 700 watts solar is the limit for the given solar generator, if you hook up 800 watts of panels I believe that is OK. Typically, a panel does not produce its fully rated wattage (time of day issues, etc.), so having extra panels hooked up helps.

That’s correct, you can go over wattage (and amps) as the sogen will only accept the rated amount. I think I recall a youtuber using a 1,000 watt array to get the 700 watt max into the AC200P, was it Hobotech? The important part is to not go over voltage.

Thanks for input JT!

Thanks Eric, super helpful mention of the Hobotech video with 1000w over panel too, I was able to find it in this vid in case anyone else is interested…shows at ~20:00 minutes:

BLUETTI AC200P 2000w LiFePO4 Solar Generator! 2000wh Off Grid Portable Power Station Review - YouTube.

Would you happen to know what happens if the max 150v is exceeded? I’m wanting to over panel as much as possible without risk of damage…and maybe there isn’t a risk of damage? The system just shuts down or trips?

I would assume it will shut down and throw an error code if over voltage, not sure I would want to test that though :slight_smile:

my ac200p voltage is 35-156 min max,download pdf from bluetti site

Thanks K9base, I’m wondering if specs changed since you purchased your AC200P? Current manual from Bluetti reads 35-150v min/max for solar panel input for whatever it’s worth.

Hey Eric,

If you don’t mind me asking, how long and what awg are the MC4 cables you used to connect your solar panels to your AC200P? I’m wanting to use 50’ 10awg cables with (8) 100w Renogy’s in series and would be great to hear what you did if possible.