Regarding the "1-12V/30A Super DC" Connection on Bluetti Generators

For the AC300 and AC200MAX the specs state for the RV receptacle “1-12V/30A Super DC”. IS THIS CORRECT? Most RVs are AC current! Plus, being only 12V (aside from the DC issue) would prevent this receptacle being used to connect to a house AC transfer switch!

The 12 volt DC 30 amp RV connector is seperate from the 120 volt AC 30 amp socket. The 30 DC connection is for connecting directly to a small light duty 12 volt DC system in a van or small RV which would perform the same function as an existing house or coach battery.


Since the socket is not the 12 volt DC 30 amp RV connector, WHERE ON THE AC300 IS THE 120 volt AC 30 amp socket?

biggest flap cover on row of ac outlets=last on right

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BUT, if I am correct, that is the “12v DC 30 amp RV connector” and is therefore NOT the “120v AC 30 amp socket” that I am asking about. Notice one is 12v & DC and the other (if it exists) is 120v & AC. Again, I remind you, the Bluetti website says it is DC and 12 v.

this is the nema tt-30 under the flap

this is rv 12volt /30 appliance plug in

my ac200p has a 12vt 25 amp one

yeap my ac200c has 12 volt /25 amp

So, it cannot be used to connect to a transfer switch.

you can put ANY receptacle you what on a transfer switch =300 max has nema tt-30=120vt =so plug in male on so gen = hard wire or nema tt-30 female on transfer switch…done

the 12 volt/super dc is for 12 appliances =if you what 12 volt appliances in your house run lines or install conduits -it will not need to be on transfer switch-----it is separate from house grid wiring,

The 30 amp AC RV socket is under the largest square rubber flap on the front panel by the other 120 volt ac outlet sockets

So, if you are referring to the 120v 30amp AC RV socket under the largest square rubber flap on the front (to the right of the other 120 v ac outlet sockets), WHERE is the 12v 30 amp DC socket? In the list of outputs on Bluetti’s website for the AC300, they do not mention any "120v 30amp AC RV socket, but only the 12v 30 amp super DC socket/receptacle. Is it possible that Bluetti screwed up and did not list the 120v 30amp AC RV socket as one of the outputs???

John, they do mention the 120VAC 30 amp outlet. It is called the NEMA TT30. The 30 amp 12Volt outlet is in the upper left area of the panel. Now you can relax

FINALLY FOUND THE ANSWER regarding the AC300 and the 120V 30A AC RV port, which agrees with Scott-Benson:

First, the 120V 30A AC RV port is indeed under the largest rubber flap to the right of the six 20A 120v receptacles.

Second, the “12v 30A RV Output” port is located in the upper left corner area.

You can see all these in a picture at the following link: I will also post this information elsewhere on this site.

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I think the primary issue you have is that you may not have been looking at information supplied by Bluetti. The link you posted is from a third party and is very dated. If you go to the actual Bluetti site Up To 24.6kWh, 6kW. BLUETTI AC300 Modular Power Station – BluettiPower I think you will find that the information is correct and you will not be as confused or thinking that Bluetti is posting incorrect info about their own products. Scroll down the page about 2/3 of the way to the spec portion and it clearly shows the input and output ports.

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I have examined that site many times, including the Output Ports. Due to that other site, and your inputs, I now recognize that the referenced “1 x NEMA TT-30” really means the “120v 30A AC RV Port.” You have do admit that the terminology of “1 x NEMA TT-30” is hardly intuitively indicative to a layperson as myself of referring to 120v, AC, RV Port. The 30 part maybe indicative of 30 amps. I think they should have said “1 x NEMA TT-30, 120V, 30A, AC, RV port.”

So, this is the port that will have a cable from it to any home transfer switch. Apparently others on this site did not recognize that as well as they were trying to suggest that maybe using a Y-connector from 2 of the 5-15 20A 120V ports (6 of them) should be the means of connecting to a transfer switch to a L14-30 receptacle. That kind of connection could be dangerous according to some.

@jtdavis where have you seen this man? I’d like to see it so responses and clarification can be made.

I tried researching the “logic” of a “Y” connector, and due to my limited electronics knowledge (and very limited research) I could not absolutely determine if it is dangerous. Some people said it was. I also could not determine from people’s inputs on various blogs whether the “Y” configuration from two 15A 5-15 plugs could get you 30A total, or if 15A would be the result, at the other end of the “Y”. As I said, electricity technicalities can be really weird to the layperson.

there is no 30 amps out of300 max-0ne more time =3000 watts divided by 120 volts =25 amps maximum-2 outlet or 6=25 amps no more /nema tt-30 is just the rating.hope this helps

I was only responding to an earlier post that suggested to get 25A out of the AC300 would be to use the “Y” connector to two of the 3-prong AC 120V plugs. Some people have commented elsewhere that could be dangerous, and may not be as simple as 15A+15A (besides those 6 AC 5-15 outlets are 20A each as it turns out). However, since it has now been settled that the big round RV receptable on the front is 120V 30A AC, there is no need to use a theoretical “Y” connector, which may be dangerous per some people. Just use the round RV 120V 20A AC receptacle to connect to a house transfer switch.