Quiet power brick for EB70

Has anyone found a fanless 12-28v 200 watt AC charger or at least one that shuts off after completing the charge? I just got an EB70 and so far that’s the only thing that really bugs me.

I would assume my AC50’s silent 27.5v 90w charger would work but for a much longer charge time.

Maybe an AC wall outlet timer after I figure out charge times?


A smart outlet will work. I also have an RC lipo charger that can power by AC or DC that can be setup as a power supply. When there is no power draw the fan turns off.


Thanks, that might be the ticket!

Decided to go with a simple countdown timer to cut power to the charger, no more pulling the plug. Works great with my AC200P 500 watt charger as well. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01D3QEK4E/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

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That is a good idea. Also, you could use a smart plug where you can set times and schedules for AC power to be delivered. I think I’ve picked up some on Amazon for about that same price.

Good idea. I just don’t why it runs all the time…,

I got this, and then plug in the included car charging adapter. No fan noise, works great. Charges at 150-155W. Works great.

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I was just looking at this today. My EB70(S?) Just arrived. Charging. Both the brick and the EB70 fans running…argh

150-155w an ok trade off for a quiet brick. I noticed at one point I was getting 194w input w/ supplied noisy brick but more often 184-188w. Not sure how long stayed at 194 since display keeps going off.

It arrived w/ 40% charge seemed to take no more than 2 hrs to top at 100%.

Did your EB70 fan run on and off as it was charging? @snowstorm

At one point was charging 4 devices (2 DC, 1 wireless, 1 AC) and powering a new digital alarm clock via AC. Cant tell how much power it uses cause doesnt register on the Output display on AC or DC.

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I ordered a bnlink countdown timer, got today. I should have used it when charging the new EB70(S?).

Yes the EB70(non s) fan cycles on and off when it is charging at 155W. I would say more on then off. However, it isn’t that loud, and certainly quieter than the stock power brick fan.

The 24V 8A car port power adapter that I bought (linked above) in my mind is much better, it usually charges at 150-155W but sometime it starts out as high as 170W (not sure for how long though). I would take a quiet brick without a fan with 15% slower charge speed any day. Not only is there no noise, there is no fan with moving parts that can one day break and cause an overheating issue.

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I ordered/purchased an EB70S, I think they sent me an EB70. Right away before I iunwrapped the plastic I believed I was sent the wrong model. How can I verify it is an EB70S and not an EB70? @BLUETTI

Look at the AC output wattage. EB70S is 800W and the non s is 700W.

Hi @roxie60,

Yeah, as @snowstorm mentioned, please check the AC output wattage.
EB70: 700W EB70S:800W
If you got the 700W, please let me know.

Yep that was the first thing I checked. Label on back of power station says 800W but the fan cycles on and off during charging like people have described the nonS version. At the moment I’m trying to recall if there is another way of verifying its EB70S, I think people have posted other but haven’t found those posts.

Update: I recall someone saying the AC/DC button lights are brighter on the EB70S and I think they are bright. Not a definitive verification but it’s probably an EB70S since device label says output 800w. I guess I wasn’t aware of the EB70 fan running/cycling as it charged.

For those who have an EB70S does its fan run or cycle on off when you charge it?

I don’t think I’ve ever heard my EB55 fan come on ever (I’m assuming it has a fan :thinking:).

I am pretty sure the S model’s fan still cycle on and off. The changes are an upgraded 800w inverter (vs 700w), brighter lights for the on off buttons, and the display stays on for longer when any button is pressed. On the 70 non S, if no output is on, and you briefly hit a on/off button to turn on the display, the display will go off in 2 sec, not even enough time to read the battery charge level.


Got it, thanks for listing the differences, I’m sure it’s an EB70S. I appreciate confirmation about the fan, I guess I missed that tidbit when researching. The brick fan is louder. Just unexpected.

Now I need to find adapter that will allow me to use the DC output ports (8mm?) Maybe there is a variety adapter pack I can find.

I got this, it has a car output so the included car adapter will already work. 24v 8a, chargers around 150-160w

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@snowstorm Great catch and post on this adapter. I was just about to purchase a 120W version that was a dollar less but I appreciate this one rated at 192W. Will work w/ my EB55 & EB70S. Thanks.

A long time ago, in the AC200 machines, the AC brink was heavier and only 400 watts. And very quiet because it used heatsink. The new 500 watt brink is more powerful, but noisy as hell. Lucky I bought a spare heavy 400 brick and I use It for my AC200Max instead of the noisy Brink. Bluetti please bring back the quiet AC Brick.

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Hey folks, I also purchased this exact adapter from Amazon and it will not charge at all. I used the Bluetti cigarette lighter plug and the blue indication lights up for 1 second and fades away. Returning this evening and ordering a new one. Will post when I test the new one!