Problem with New AC180P

The problem described is with an AC180P device, which is connected to an wall outlet and functioning as an UPS for a computer. The battery is fully charged and Eco mode is turned off. Despite this setup, the station periodically shuts down, displaying error codes E090 and E000. Load is about 150 w per hour. @BLUETTI and @BLUETTI_CARE

Hi @Valentyn1

Sadly, the error codes are not provided in the manual.

Do you know if it happens after a specific time? Or is it random? 150W should be easily handleable for such a unit.

What I would check is, if the unit has enough surrounding are. So it shouldn’t be in a wardrobe or in direct sunlight. These units can get really hot when in sunlight or dont get “fresh” air to cool down.

Otherwise, maybe @BLUETTI_CARE can help with the error codes.


@Valentyn1 Please provide me with the SN and the firmware version of your AC180P. We have a new firmware version for you test.

I got the same problem. Have a new AC180P. It shuts off randomly, like on its own.
Happened in ECO mode, I disabled it and it didn’t help. Mostly I notice it shutting off either when the input power is shut off or when it is charging and reaches 100%. Then it just shuts off. However, my observations are most likely not too accurate. Still, this is the only regularity I noticed.
My point purchasing it was to have it mostly in UPS mode for my Starlink. And now I don’t know when to expect it to shut off.
@BLUETTI_CARE could you please assist?

The following are situations in which the machine may shut down automatically:

  1. If the machine is not charging and the AC or DC is not turned on, in order to save power, the machine will automatically shut down after one minute.
  2. If the machine turns on the ECO mode without loading equipment or the power is too low, AC and DC will be automatically turned off after 1 to 4 hours (the specific time is set in the APP), and then the machine will automatically shut down after a period of time.
  3. If the machine only charges PV and does not turn on AC or DC, the PV will stop charging at night and the machine will automatically shut down after one minute. The machine will not be automatically activated until the PV is charged the next morning.

In your case, can you explain whether AC and DC are turned on and the parameters of the loaded equipment? Also, please provide me with the SN and the firmware version. Thank you.

Thank you for your clarification @BLUETTI_CARE .
In my case:

  • AC180P is plugged to the wall socket and most of the times is charged to 100%
  • AC output is enabled, DC output is disabled
  • Output load is changing depending on the operation parameters. Single device, 40-80W, plugged in the AC output constantly
  • ECO mode is switched off
  • Charging mode is Silent. Changing to Normal did not seem to help
    SN: AC180P2342000791502
  • ARM - v2089.02
  • DSP - v2088.02

@oleksandr.kalukov Thanks for your information. Please update the firmware to DSP208803 to test.

I updated the firmware to DSP208803 and my Bluetti shut off again, just like before.

@oleksandr.kalukov Thanks for your update. Let me give feedback to our engineers. If I got any update, I will let you know ASAP.

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Any news on my question, @BLUETTI_CARE

Having same issue.
New Bluetti AC180P (Serial number is 2342000664076, arm 2089,02, dsp 2088,02).
ECO modes are disabled for both DC and AC, device is working with fridge (80 watts of almost constant AC output with rare “launching spikes”), standart charging mode — and itі just turns off in 3-4 hours without any errors or messages on device or in app.

Is there any solutions?

@oleksandr.kalukov I’m sorry I haven’t got another update. Please don’t worry. I am following up with your case.

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@oleksandr.kalukov Please update the DSP firmware to v2088.04 to test. Looking forward to your update.

Thank you @BLUETTI_CARE I monitored the behavior a little bit and it repeated. So, I updated the DSP firmware to 2088.04. Keeping my eye on it and I will get back to you once I have any news.

@BLUETTI_CARE hi! Can you provide me a new firmware?
ARM: 2089,02
DSP: 2088,02

@FiXX OK, we will do it.

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Hello @BLUETTI_CARE after updating to DSP firmware to v2088.04 my device is working as expected, no shutdowns for 4 days so far.

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Having the same issue with the automatic shutdown (randomly) of my Bluetii AC180P (otherwise a solid piece of engineering). Please, provide me with the newest firmware (2088,04) upgrade to test it.
Many thanks
P.S. AC 180P2342000542085
ARM version v.2089,02
DSP version v. 2088,02
BMS version v. 1039,01

Please update software, my device is:
ARM V2089.02
DSP V2088.02
BMS V1039.01
After about 2 hours in UPS mode, with connected fridge, the station turned off. The fridge was using about 80 Wt, before power off consumption was 0 Wt.
ECO and Auto sleep are turned off.

I have the same issue. AC180P randomly powers off with 70-110W output. Didn’t see any error codes. It happens 2-3 times in a day.
Bought the station a few days ago.
And also, is it ok if the station discharges in UPS mode? Using it with a computer(around 100W) and I see it discharges to 99% then charges to 100%. The Battery Status = Discharge instead of Standby when it’s 100% in Bluetti mobile Application.

SN: 2341000808144
ARM ver: 2089.02
DSP ver: 2088.02
BMS: 1039.01