"pass through" and battery health of AC200 Max

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Apart from my questions (which is a bit lower here), I wanted to say a big THANK YOU for great products that truly helps to Ukrainians during such tough period in our country. Your portable stations and solar solutions showed a real value and importance especially after the missile attacks toward the energy infrastructure by the rashists last winter.

Now, if you don’t mind, few things to check regarding the AC200 Max. I have it connected with 3 solar panels in series (410W / 41.9 VoC each), so the income from solar gives even more than my family consumes during the day (usually it’s around 200 - 400 W: two computers, some lightning, router and efficient fridge of course). No need to say that the power station easily covers impulses initiated by water supply system pump and covers kitchen appliances. But in the regular mode 200 - 400 W is enough. So my questions are:

  1. Does AC200 Max has any kind of “pass through” mode? Let’s say if the station is 100% charged and works with AC output ON + getting energy with PV input, does the house consumes the energy from panels or still it discharges the station’s battery?
  2. What’s best possible charge / discharge usage scenario for LiFePO4 batteries in order to have them in a good shape?

Sorry if both questions were raised and covered before :face_with_peeking_eye:


Hello, the AC200MAX will stop drawing power from the solar panels once it hits 100% charge. It will then use battery power, until the charge drops to 99%. Once it drops to 99% it will start charging again from the solar, until it reaches 100%.

For optimal battery health, typically keeping a battery at a minimum 20% charge and a maximum of 80% charge is ideal. The lifepo4 batteries it has are very resilient though and should work well for 10 years with normal use.

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Thanks a lot!
I was under the same impression but wasn’t sure enough. Now I have all the answers.
Precise and crystal clear :handshake:

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@sunhouse Welcome to the BLUETTI forum!! Glad to know that the AC200Max is working well for you. :battery:
As @Emax said in his reply, you can refer to it completely. Thank you the answer :blue_heart:

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yes, confirmed, even though the busbar is the central point where both the DC output of MPPTs and battery are connected, the fact of shutting down the MPPT at 100% (and restart it at 99%) could have an impact on your device’s battery cycles (cycling the top 1% can quickly cause battery wear if use in a prolonged manner). There were previous discussions on the “pass-through” and “true pass-through”, suggesting only the EP500 had this “true” version of it.

@BLUETTI what about AC500? Does it have “true” pass-through btw? Or is it like AC300 and others, turing on/off MPPTs at 100%, then back on at 99% under continuous load?

I’ve obtained an inline ammeter to check the behavior when setting an upper charge limit at 85% as suggested by @emax, will post the test results here!

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The AC500, like the AC300, will turn off the MPPT at 100% to stop charging and then turn it back on at 99%.
If the machine is carrying a loaded device, the MPPT will also work at 100% and the PV input will bypass the loaded device, but it will not charge the battery.

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@BLUETTI thanks for the heads up.
I’ll re-test my AC300 as I observed a slightly different behavior using the ammeter. Will let you know with the test results once the sun is back :-)

@BLUETTI does this work for AC200Max as well?

or will AC load always draw from the battery and then solar will recharge it?

When the AC200MAX is fully charged, the input will be directly inverted to carry the load if the load power is lower than the input power.



Is it by design when the battery reaches 100% charge (via solar/AC, etc). that when you go into the PV screen, the input is at 0W? Im assuming that 0 is saying that 0W is going into the battery and going directly to AC load?

Would be a great feature to add to the display on the PV screen with a 100W AC load, Solar Production 900W

  1. With battery != 100%
    PV input to battery 800W
    PV input to inverter 100W

  2. With battery = 100%
    PV input to battery 0W
    PV input to inverter 100W

Hi Bluetti peeps
I have the AC200max and using 300w solar panels. I noticed that after AC200max was connected to solar panel it immediately started charging on PV mode. I showed pulling in 105w But I don’t see it changing the battery balance amount available. Should I be changing a setting?