Order status and refund

@BLUETTI Please cancel my order SPF-EU-28171 and refund it as soon as possible, because I can’t wait months for your fulfillment and shipping. I see others topics on this forum, most of the people wait for your product by months, its not accectable in my situation. And your support doesn’t respond at all. The power issue is crucial for me and my job, and these money are crucial for surviving this winter in Ukraine too.


Same to me, please refund SPF-EU-21602.

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@andriing I’m sorry for your situation. If anyone could use a working battery AC power station right now, it is the people of Ukraine suffering from the Russian attacks on the energy infrastructure.

I’m just another user, so I can’t help you with your refund. I bought my Bluetti from dealer SolarPowerSupply.nl They are located in The Netherlands so I do not know if they can ship these heavy items to Ukraine, especially during wartime.


Hi @anotherOne @andriing ,
We are very sorry for the inconvenience.
We have forwarded you to order support and they expect to process your order refund within 48 hours.

@BLUETTI Hello. Please cancel my order SPF-EU-27956 and refund it as soon as possible. We still have no information about shipping or terms. We can’t wait for our order anymore.

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Hello, I made an order on 11/26/2022. Contacted sale-eu@bluettipower.com to request a cancellation of the order - they ignore the request. Please CANCEL order SPF-EU-19133. I would rather buy a similar product in China or twice as expensive here in Ukraine than wait all winter without electricity.

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Same for me. I’m waiting for the EB70 more than 45 days - and my order is still Unfulfilled.
Support keeps silence.
Please cancel my order SPF-EU-25388!!! Thank U!

Is anyone here got some refound?

No. The Support is ignoring my cancellation requests. Completely nothing! Today I have contact with European Consumer Centre Germany (evz.de) concerning this situation.

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No. Still waiting for a reply here and via email

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When user @BLUETTI is from China he/she is probably not working at the moment because of the Chinese New Year celebration and holidays. So it can be that all Chinese branches are closed. I don’t know if their EUR and USA branches are open.

Chinese New Year starts on January 22, 2023 and ends on February 5, 2023

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Could you please help me to cancel my order SPF-EU-29027 and provide me a full refund. I can’t wait anymore :(

Thanks in advance!

Please cancel my order SPF-EU-27085!!!
I paid for the charging station 2 months ago and I haven’t received it!! I ask for a refund at least!!!

Well … At least they had the Ukrainian speaking guy in their Support team… I got the email in from him wrote by ukrainian language few weeks before… So the New Year holidays in China is not a smart excuse for complete silence of the UA speaking Support staff.


Are you sure that actually was an Ukrainian person and not someone from outside of Ukraine using a translation service?

Yes, i’m sure 99,9% :) The text and punctuation looks very natively to UA person:

Anyway, my first message to them was in English so it was very kind from their Support to use the very good translator to Ukrainian. Unfortunately, now they keep silence more than 10 days. :( It’s strange to left the company which already took the lot of Unfulfilled orders to celebrate the Chinese New Year , - what do U think?.. And lot of angry buyers just demolished Bluetti reputation in Instagram and Facebook posts, writing very bad comments.

Thank u bluetti, refund was complete, all money got back

I’m Italian, but I live in Ukraine. During the Christmas holidays in Italy I bought two generators with the intention of taking them with me to my home in Ukraine where I live and work. Now I am at home in Ukraine: there is no electricity here, and with the cold temperatures it is very difficult. Yesterday they bombed my city with two missiles. Last time they hit the power plant. Admin please, is it possible to get a refund quickly for orders #SPF-IT3692 and #SPF-IT3868? Thank you

I can confirm that Bluetti EU has Ukrainian people in its support team. I received once an answer on my email message from Vitalii in English. Also, I received once an answer from some Ukrainian person in Facebook in Ukrainian.
But it really doesn’t matter. The most important fact that the Bluetti EU totally ignores a lot of its customers and it’s totally unacceptable and ruined the company’s reputation worldwide.

Please help me to cancel my order SPF-EU-29027 and provide me a full refund.