Order status and refund

BLUETTI Admin, here in Ukraine people have found themselves in a theater of war facing problems they never imagined they would ever have to face in their life. I have tried to remedy one of this by ordering two generators to take with me to Ukraine where I live and work and where now I am writing from, but BLUETTI times are not compatible with the urgency of the need. I have asked for a refund of orders #SPF-IT-3692 and #SPF-IT-3868 countless times, but again times are not compatible. For this reason, I ask you to act with the utmost responsibility and to ensure that reimbursement is guaranteed in the short term, not only for myself, but also for all Ukrainians who are experiencing obvious difficulties and who may request it due to the impossibility of waiting. Hoping for your understanding, Thank you.


Seems, finally, Bluetti EU has shipped most of the orders according to the information from Admin in another thread:

My order was updated with tracking info yesterday.