Order paid on 19th of November, no replies, no order proceeding further

I ordered BLUETTI PowerOak EB70 Portable Power Station on 19th of November,
paid money and the order still (25th Nov) are not UNFULFILLED ( ORDER SPF-EU-12881)
I wrote a letter to support about time terms of delivery and had no reply.
Can anybody explain why such things happen in an improper manner and why?

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Welcome to the Bluetti rabbit hole. Your experience is not unusual. Any minute now, you’ll have people jump on in defense of Bluetti (cheerleaders if you will) that will suggest “use email, don’t use the phone number”…“I’ve never had any trouble”. Bluetti will eventually respond to you in this forum, apologize, fix the problem…but they never address their horrible customer service. If I were you, I’d cancel the order.


Their products are good but communication is poor. In this day and age it’s unacceptable not to be kept informed. We are talking about very expensive products here.

Have had the same experience.

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@BLUETTI Could you please provide an answer? And I heard here on forum that it’s possible to deliver to Ukraine for extra charge.
I would like to change the delivery address but I can’t edit my order.
My new address is the same as billing address.
Could you help me please?

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Hi @Unfabled , I am very sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. We suggest that you cancel your original order first and then place a new one with the correct address. After the cancellation, place the order directly with the address in Ukraine and the shipping cost will be calculated automatically.
Thank you again for your understanding and support.

Hi @Indy @montgomery ,
Thank you for your criticism and suggestions to BLUETTI, we will report to the relevant departments, accept mindfully and improve the service as soon as possible.

I don’t even have a Cancel button to discard the the order.

I did a record of the screen - take a look

Hi @Unfabled , I’m very sorry. his requires you to contact our order support to cancel the order for you. You can wait until the order is confirmed to be cancelled and then place a new order.

Thank you for reply
Could you please provide me with contacts of your order support?
I have read in one of the topic here on forum, that the order was shipped without updating status of the order on Bluetti website. So, I don’t want the same happened to me. I would like to change shipping address or cancel current order and create a new one.

Hi @Unfabled , EU order support email address sale-eu@bluettipower.com

My order was cancelled by my request so I could change to Ukrainian address.
Could you please tell me when my money come back so I could reorder to new address? How many days does it take?

I received a refund back. But what a disaster I lost like 20 euros by converting money from uah to euro and back.
I spent 27322 uah but was returned 26600 uah. 720 uah was lost in the air :frowning:
It is a big money for our country where people are suffering from russian aggression, sitting without electricity and water.


Hi Bluetti. My order was not shipped either. Please send it within today or cancel the order and refund the money. SPF-EU-15925

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Hi Bluetti!
May I ask you to check what`s going on with order SPF-EU-12148
Letters on sale-eu@bluettipower.com - remains unanswered…

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This email address does not answer: sale-eu@bluettipower.com. I sent 5 emails already. Please support.

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Same problem, I have paid the order and nothing

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Didn’t respond form this e-mail

[quote=“Konstantin, post:14, topic:5981, full:true”]
Hi Bluetti!
May I ask you to check what`s going on with order SPF-EU-12148
Letters on sale-eu@bluettipower.com - remains unanswered…
[/quoteSame problem…

@BLUETTI can I get info on when my order will be sent? SPF-EU-19274. I messaged support and no one replied for a few days already.

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Hi @BLUETTI ! I placed an order and paid on November 24rd. Order number SPF-EU-15647 . Currently, package status is UNFULFILLED . Can you tell me when the parcel will be sent? sales-eu@bluettipower.com is not answered.