Order not completely delivered

I have ordered a BLUETTI EB70 + PV200 Solarpanel, paid for both but only the panel has been delivered?!
No sentence that there a two packages, one might be delayed or similar - NOTHING!
The order in the delivery service (DPD) is showed as fulfilled.
E-Mails to customs service without any reaction.

@BLUETTI : Hello?

This is exactly my case. Ive ordered EB55 + PV120 and after several days my order status is FULFIlLLED, but the logistics company only received PV120.
I’ve previously wrote an email to sale-eu@bluettipower.com, but have not got any answer.
@BLUETTI how can I know the expected timeline for the rest of the order to be shipped?


Hi @nikyer @ThWil , Due to the surge in orders, resulting in a slowdown in logistics timelines, there may be a situation where some products are received first. The rest of the products will still be delivered to you, please do not worry.
Or please kindly share us your order number, I will check with support for you.

Hi @BLUETTI, thank you for your response. My order number is ORDER SPF-EU-17097, I’m in Ukraine (using a logistics company to deliver via Poland) and I will appreciate any insights on the delivery timeline since our blackouts are getting more and more serious.

Hey @BLUETTI , I’m in the same situation having ordered EB70 and PV120 while having only received the PV120 solar panels (Bought via Amazon, delivery in Germany, received the solar panel 25.11.2022). Is it possible for you to check my status as well? Order number is 305-8620508-1288336
I would appreciate any help, thanks a lot

Hello @BLUETTI I need a refund for my order SPF-EU-15805
No answer from your email contact, no support, no refund information.

Hi @nikyer , Your order is showing as delivered. Please contact your logistics provider again to double check on your own. Thank you for your kind cooperation!

@roman , For amazon order, please find BLUETTI Amazon customer service for communication and processing, thank you

Hi @AliceFru , We have forwarded your refund claim for you, and the support department will help you with it as soon as possible. Please don’t worry.