Order is unfulfilled for almost two weeks

It turns out when ordering you deceived with the delivery time. When I ordered, November 30 was indicated, and now there is a conversation about the beginning of January. With such delivery times, no one would order from you. My order SPF-DE-10454

The same situation with my order SPF-EU-20554 (27.11.22 order date). In case of war, your Bluetti power station would be very useful. Can you tell estimate of the order delivery? I see that order still unfulfilled.


I want to cancel my order.
|ORDER SPF-EU-21305|

Thank you

I’m in the same situation. My order was placed on 19 th of November and still has unfulfilled status. Can you please tell me, how long it might take to process my refund?

Hello, my order is SPF-EU-15753

Guten Tag. Sagen Sie mir, wann meine Bestellnummer SPF-EU-20899 geliefert wird, die Bestellung wurde am 28.11.2022 aufgegeben. Der Status ändert sich nicht. Bestellinformationen geben. Oder fordern Sie eine Rückerstattung an und stornieren Sie die Bestellung!

Bluetti you really need to read all this bad publicity and act. You shouldn’t be taking orders if you know they can’t be fulfilled for months.

You should also prioritise Ukraine when sending out orders.

Communication is key and is sorely lacking.

Products are good but I won’t make any more purchases due to this.


The same situation with my order, paid 23.11.2022.

Nothing was mentioned that it will be delayed. EB-70 was not marked as “unavailable” nor any hint that it will be delayed to January.

Support didn’t respond for 3 weekend and now they said I’ll have my paid order in January without any specific date. With this experience I’m not sure that I’ll get it on January and just get email with text like “hi it will be delivered March 2025”
Refund is not an option for me. I paid money and want to get my order.

Your policy shipping says 1-3 days to process the order and 1-7 days to deliver it to the customer. Right now already passed 20 days and 14 working days.

You are the worldwide company with such terrible service. How you maintain with your customers is unacceptable.


Where is my order?
Your support sucks big time, haven’t even replied me once.

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Forwarded to order support.

Request already forwarded.

Добрый день. Помогите с заказом [SPF-ЕС-18229. Оплачен 26,11,2022 г. Не выполнен до сих пор.

hey, @BLUETTI , i would like to cancel my order, please help me.
Order id: SPF-EU-24559
Order date 30.11

I also have a problem with my order, 2 EB70 from 29 November. Your company on the official site declares that shipping should be done in 14 business days, but early January is not the same.


Again, what is the status of my order?
I sent about 5 requests to your support without any luck.

I have faced the same problem - the order was made on December 2 and still has not shipped. No response from support sale-eu@bluettipower.com as well.

@BLUETTI could you please pass on my request for a refund? Order number SPF-EU-27430.


Please cancel my order too: SPF-DE-10975

Thank you!

The order was made on 29 of Nov, and no updates since then

I want to cancel my order and get a refund


Order placed on November 26, 2022 at 11:16PM

We have forwarded your refund request to order support for the above order.


Hi there, I want to cancel my order SPF-EU-12979 and get a refund. Can you please help with my request?