Order is unfulfilled for almost two weeks

Hi. I ordered BLUETTI PowerOak EB70 for 699,00 € (+99,00 € delivery to Ukraine) on 27 Nov, to this day I neither have a response from the support nor order status has changed.
The order number is SPF-EU-19622.

Support team replying about Black Friday high demand and the orders proceeding take from 5 to 7 days… well, as I can see - it’s not the case in my situation.
Does anybody work on the fulfillment of this order?

We have an issue in Ukraine with electricity… you know… and this ignore and ignorance from your side is very disappointed.

When I can expect: the fulfillment order and the actual delivery?
If it’ll not be done by the end of Dec - I want a refund so I can actually buy something and fix the issues with electricity ASAP.


Та же ситуация - заказали 26 ноября в г. Киев (сидим без электроэнергии), но до 8 декабря нет никакой реакции и письма в службу поддержки игнорируются!


We are very sorry for the inconvenience.
We have urged our customer service colleagues to reply as soon as possible based on your order problem.

Hello, I have the same situation. My order SPF-EU-17874 and I still don’t have any updates since 26 of November. I wrote a couple letters to sale-eu@bluettipower.com but still got any response


the same with me. ordered 29 November. wrote to sale support, have no response. ORDER SPF-EU-23553

How can I refund my money back?


Same to me, order was placed on 27th of November and I still got no response from Bluetti.
Can you provide at least approximate delivery dates?
Order: SPF-EU-19336

Вижу Вы не одиноки в этой проблеме с Bluetti. Заказ оплатил 26,11,2022 г. Заказ: SPF-EU-18229. Тоже У них стоит сообщение оплачен. НЕ ВЫПОЛНЕН. Пишу в поддержку и ни какой реакции. Отправил уже фото им с экрана компьютера о статусе этого заказа, сутки прошли и тишина. Может, кто то возвращал уже свои деньги с этой фирмы. Поделитесь опытом как это сделать. Такое ощущение что мюнхенское отделение Bluetti., это тайное подразделение путина. Буду благодарен всем, кто ответит.


same here, paid on 29th November, support don’t answer for letters, cancel my order too: SPF-FR-4344

Hello,could you tell me that the information about my order.the number of my order is: ORDER SPF-EU-26574.I paid on “shop”I have already paid on 01/12.I want to know if it shipped, I have sent you many letters,but nobody replied, This is a gift for Christmas, if I can’t receive it on Christmas, please refund, because no one is home to collect the goods on Christmas. I don’t understand, how can there be such a company that no one handles after-sales, it’s a mess!

We are very sorry that we do not have access to the system to check the status of the order. But I will pass on your requests to the relevant departments. Please be patient for a while longer, as many orders are in transit.

For those who urgently want to cancel your order and get a refund, you can let me know your order number below. I will pass them on one by one and urge order support to process them as soon as possible.

As a community administrator, of course, I also very much hope that our customers can receive their orders and use them as soon as possible, but after all, the logistics are uncontrollable, please understand more.

Hi @dev0id , The request has been received and I will pass it on.

You also want to cancel your order and get a refund, right? What is your order number please?

Regarding inquiries about the estimated delivery time of orders. I am currently synchronizing the information I know to the following.
For orders that have not yet been shipped, because several of our products are temporarily out of stock and have not yet arrived at the warehouse, the following information is expected to arrive.
EB3A & EB55 - mid to late December
EB70 - early January

For orders that have been shipped, but the logistics status is stalled/not updated.
Please don’t worry, there is a batch returned by GLS because it contains batteries, order support has arranged to resend but the new tracking number but not yet out. So what you check is the old tracking number.
They will let you know as soon as the new tracking number comes out.

I know that you as BLUETTI customers want to receive your products urgently, but the logistics and port factors are really out of control. Order support is already coordinating to make sure the order will be delivered to you as soon as possible.
BLUETTI is a legitimate company, there will be no fraud or withholding of payment, so please rest assured and be patient for a little longer.

I need refund. Sent 3 mails already. Order SPF-EU-18286. Please process refund ASAP I will not be waiting for January.

Yes, I want to cancel my order and get a refund
My order number


пн, 12 дек. 2022 г. в 10:27, Admin via BLUETTI Community <notifications@bluetti.discoursemail.com>:

Hello, could you tell me some information about my order #SPF-FR-3859. EB70 + PV200

I placed the order on Nov 19 and have already paid.
I well received PV200 but not the EB70

I want to know if it shipped or if it’s out of stock.
I have sent you many emails, but nobody replied. It’s not very serious.

I need the EB70 for early January, if I can’t receive it on January 10th, please refund.

I need an aswer.

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The same situation with ordering SPF-DE-10454. The order was placed on November 26th. When ordering, it was indicated that the product would be delivered on November 30th. As of today, the product has not been sent, 3 times already wrote to the support service - a complete disregard. The product was ordered for Ukraine and was selected from you due to availability, but you do not live up to your word.
Very disappointed with the quality of your service.


Please, cancel my order SPF-EU-17874

Would there be compensation for such a long wait? I’ve ordered EB70 back in November but to wait for it in January is a bit crazy and refund is not an option as well.