Newby Here-Can the Bluetti D050S DC Charging Enhancer work with the AC180 in a vehicle?

Can the Bluetti D050S DC Charging Enhancer work with the AC180 in a vehicle?
Thank you in advance.

Welcome to the forum @bluetti_jmellosr60gmailcom !! I suppose the enhancer would work for the ac180 but my question is why would you need to use it in this way? The input voltage on the ac180 is 12-60vdc so the standard car charging cable would work just fine…

@m.briney Regular car charging cable would be milted to 100W but if you connect the D050S to the battery directly, you could get 500W. Am I correct? I am also hoping to run D050S with AC180 that I just ordered. On the D050S page AC180 is not listed but I think it os because it is new.

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Welcome to the forum @ataman !! Correct… you could use the ac180 with a DC Charging Enhancer (d050s), but the enhancer won’t make it charge any faster at most voltages…

Here is the PV charging rate curve for the AC180 as measured from Jeff Hagens test unit…

And just for comparison sake, here is the charging curve for the DC Charging Enhancer…

The Charging Enhancer is just a charging brick that uses solar input, has an internal solar controller, and has output that is compatible with both the AC inputs in the older Bluetti devices and any Bluetti MPPT input that goes up to at least 60 volts.

This video that Jeff threw together might help with understanding what it does if you havent watched it yet:

@m.briney Thank you so much for such a detailed response. I misunderstood the function of the D050S. I was under the impression that it would act like a step up converter and I would be able to charge at 500W from my 12V lead acid battery in the car.

So besides purchasing 110V inverter, is there a better way of charging faster than 100W from your vehicle? Taking DC, converting to AC and back to DC seems so inefficient. At least this AC180 works with modified sine wave I am told. Can you confirm?

@ataman I would personally get a 12-48v boost converter setup if thats how you plan on charging. Check out this post by our main man @Scott-Benson on how he got things setup in his car…

Thanks again! Can not wait for 12V to be obsolete! haha Cybertruck is leading the way with 48V architecture!

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Please forgive this Crayon Eating Marine But… If I get 100 watts from the car cigarette lighter and then put the D050s connected from that to my AC180 won’t it bump up to 500w charging? All threads read Still lost.

No it will not bump it to 500 watts. The Charging enhancer simply raises the input voltage to 58.5 volts but does not increase the current (watts or amps) that is put in. If you calculate 10 X (whatever voltage you connect the charge enhancer to) that will give you a rough idea of the output of the charge enhancer up to the 500 watt limit.

The charging enhancer increases voltage but (amperage) watts. Watts = volt X amps

I’m going to have you pulling your hair out because of my ignorance…where does the 500-watt increase come from? I hope the attached picture loads. (thank you for your patience.)
I am having a hard time understanding how 10x the input (100w x10= 1000w) regulated to 500w max out of the “enhancer” Otherwise why doesn’t the pic just show a direct Cigarette connection to the unit? I swear I am not intentionally trying to test your stress level. I do so appreciate you teaching me and the others who are afraid to ask…

Ok update. I meant to say 12v input (100W) would only increase to 120W? sorry

The 500 watt increase results from being able to run a second DC source into an AC200 unit by connecting the charging enhancer to the AC charging brick port. The charging enhancer does not multiply power but only raises the input voltage. Multiply the input voltage by10 and you will get an approximate wattage output.

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