New AC200(P) Owner Questions

Hello Bluetti community. New AC200(P) owner here. I was wondering if you could answer some of my questions?

  • The unit shut itself down overnight (not on Eco mode), and all the fault and logging data was lost. I confirmed that when I shut down the unit and restart it, all data is lost. Is this the expected behavior? I would like the unit to retain fault data and the generation data if possible.

  • The unit never reaches a 100% charged state, but will draw 400 watts from solar with DC and AC deactivated. Is this normal?

  • The menu is much different than the youtube reviews I watched. One thing I was hoping for was the individual cell voltage data. Is there a way to restore that functionality?

  • Is there a way to make this work with the app? I would love to be able to monitor the unit when I’m out of the room.

  • Will it be possible to update the firmware at some point if you make improvements?

  • Not a question, but in general I would love an overview screen that shows overall like 5 minute average (so it’s not so jumpy) input and output power, with a trend graph (ala the Ecoflow app.)

Overall the unit seems to be working well, aside from the issues listed above. Thanks in advance for any responses!

Here are some thoughts…
Did it shut down because the battery was depleted and should have shut off?
To fully charge, the load has to be removed. Are you unable to fully charge if you plug in the power brick with no outgoing loads? If not, there have been a few power bricks that are off on the voltage speck and do not allow full charging.
The individual cell voltage data screen has not been available for a little over year. The you tube review you watched was probably from an AC200 model or one of the very early AC200Ps. All later models do not have that feature diplayed
The AC200P series does not include app control and there is no way to add on after the fact. Same thing with firmware updates. Since you do not have internet connectivity you don’t have a method to update firmware.
Newer models now include app control.

Thanks, Scott. No, I am not able to reach 100% even with the power brick and no loads. What’s strange is it still shows ~350 watts being used on the display. My next step will be to verify that the unit is actually drawing 350w with no charging taking place. If so, does the unit become a space heater once I reach 98%? :slight_smile:

I’m also still curious about the data retention. Does it really lose all it’s data when powered down? Even the date? (Mine does).

I would contact Bluetti service and let them know that your machine is not fully charging and they should swap you out the charger or just send you another one. The only data that I am aware of that does not remain is the time and date which for some reason does not stick around for more than a few weeks at a time but the other data should remain

@maxmax what color is the charging light on the AC brick when you’re charging and when it “stop” charging?? It sounds like you might have a defective charging brick and yes, you’d need to contact service for a replacement.

Here’s their contact info…

And as far as the date on the unit, you need to press “ok” after each selection to get it to actually save.

Thank you. I will send an email.

I’m still confused about the data loss. I do press “ok” and the date reads correctly until I power down the unit. When I restart, the date is reset back to 2020, the PV/Car Charge data is back at zero, and any fault data is also gone. (I had an under voltage PV fault when I was setting up.) It does seem to retain my settings, except for the date.

Yea you have to select “ok” after you enter each digit… kind of odd but it will work. Hope this helps.

Hi @maxmax,

Sorry for the inconvenience.

  1. It’s a little weird for the data lost. Our customer service will tell you more about it.

  2. Is the unit recharged with AC adapter when it can’t reaches a 100% charged state? If yes, we can send a new adapter to you. I don’t quite understand “but will draw 400 watts from solar with DC and AC deactivated” Could you please make it more specific or change another expression?

  3. The AC200P you got is the new version which doesn’t show the individual cell voltage data.

  4. I’m sorry that AC200P can not be control by the app. But our EP500, EP500Pro and AC300 include app control

Just reporting back and all seems well on the charging front. I had read elsewhere that the capacity indicator can out of calibration, so a full discharge/recharge cycle can act as a reset. I was able to reach 100% capacity by leaving it on the charger for several more hours, and now it does reach 100% in a more linear fashion.

The data issues remain. If I power off the unit (green light and display off), I lose the date, my “generation energy”, “carbon dioxide emissions”, and any faults that were displayed. The Data/Fault History log remains intact, however. Again, not sure if this is expected behavior or if something is wrong.

The date / time and other info does not remain after about a week or so.

The cell menu can be accessed via a secret menu… Home screen >>>> tap data >>>>>tap BMS maintenance >>>>> now tap battery icon top left of screed 4 to 6 times in rapid succession. It will make the beeping noise as you tap . … May take a couple of times trying to get the knack