Setting the time and date on AC200P

I cannot set the time and date on my newly arrived AC200P even after fully charged


You have to carefully set each digit one at a time or it will not save

Thank you… I have tried over and over and over…many times… no joy

The DATE and TIME are both grayed out.
When I am able to get a response of either line, I get the dial pad open and can slowly enter SLOOOWWWLYY each digit for 2020. If I do not enter each of the digits slowly enough, the system inserts whatever digit it wants to insert.
If I get 2020 inserted then try for 12…forget about it…
What am I suppose to do after 2020 for the date?
What am I suppose for the time line?
Your assistance and patience is greatly appreciated.

Robert Qualls

I just did mine and you hit the “OK” button after each selection.
The date format is YEAR / MONTH / DATE (2020 / 12 / 24)

Hit the OK button after each selection, don’t waint until you have everything entered.

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Thank you Scott.
I only now had a chance of trying again to set the date and time. After multiple attempts I finally did it.

It truly is not user friendly.

God bless you, and have a Merry Merry Christmas!!!



I set it…but it lost it once I turned it off…the manual says to reset every couple of weeks

Make absolutely sure you hit the OK button after each digit entered.