My new AC180 keeps turning completely off even though ECO mode is disabled for AC

My new AC180 keeps shutting itself off…HELP! I have disable ECO mode for AC because I really need the AC to stay on. It seems like it turns itself off when the battery hits 100%. When I say off I mean the display goes blank, the DC power goes off, the AC power turns off, and it won’t allow me to connect via the app and bluetooth. When I manually turn the unit back on it works fine.

I’m powering it primarily off of solar. I really really need the AC to stay on…please help!

If you update the firmware using the app you can change the Sleep settings in the app to Never.

@martydart Did you update the firmware to the latest one? Could you please provide me with the SN and the firmware version so I can check?

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Here is all my info. My SN is AC1802328000229002. The BMS is v1033.06, ARM is 2073.04. The DSP is v2077.06.
Note that when I set the Auto Sleep to “Never” the problem goes away. However that means the display is always on which is not desirable. Thanks!

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Ya, that’s a good temporary fix thanks!