My AC180 makes strange click noises

My AC180 makes strange click noises when there is no sun. Click short break clack. I charge the battery via sun panell . As soon as I unplug from the closing time, the noise is gone. I have the battery right next to my bed in my bus / van, sleeping at night is hardly possible. In my opinion, is there a defect here?

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Me too. Occurs 10 minutes before and after sunrise and 10 minutes before and after sunsetd.

My ac200max does that for 30 minutes sunrise and sunset. VERY annoying.
It’s like there is the wrong hysteresis built in to the charger to activate.

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@Toby @jack893 I’m sorry for the inconvenience. I have given back to our relative department. If there is any update, I will let you know.

@Toby According to the reply from our technician, the sound may be caused by the relay opening or closing.

@BLUETTI_CARE Thanks, the cause of the sound is clear – but the relay shouldn’t be switching on/off for 30 minutes straight, 2x/day. That’s poor programming.
Instead it should wait for a higher power before restarting (or turning off) for a larger hysteresis. That will reduce what’s called “chatter”.

@jCs We have firmware that may solve it, do you want to do a test? If yes, you can provide me with the information of the SN and the firmware version.

@BLUETTI_CARE Is there any improvement for AC180?

@jack893 If your AC180 does not have such problems and functions normally, we don’t suggest you to update the firmware.

@BLUETTI_CARE I want to improve it because there is such a problem with AC180.

@jack893 Kindly provide me with the information of the SN and the firmware version, thank you.

SN AC1802317001118744
ARM v2073.04
DSP v2077.06
BMS v1033.06

@jack893 Thank you for the information. The firmware will be sent in 6 hrs.

@BLUETTI_CARE No more clicking noise. It’s quiet even when you put it next to you when you go to bed. At the same time I was loading a dc load at 50w and the fan noise felt quiet.
Thank you.

@jack893 Thanks for your feedback.