Load consumption via connector 220V BLUETTI EB3A

And I also have one question, why does the BLUETTI EB3A fully charged, plugged into an outlet without load, consume 7.5 watts? What consumes so much?

@Alexxx In UPS mode, the inverter is not completely shut down, it is always in standby. In this way, when your power grid fails, the inverter can quickly cut in and continue to supply power to the load. This is how UPS works. If the inverter is completely shut down during the bypass, then when the power grid fails, the inverter will not be able to start up in a short time (within 20ms) and cut in to supply power to the load. Therefore, the internal temperature of the machine will still rise, and there will be self-consumption.

But why leave the inverter on standby when the 230 volt outlet is off?

@Alexxx Did you turn on the AC when you plug the AC charging cable? Is the UPS light on?

When all outputs are turned off and the battery is charged, the station draws 7.5W from the outlet, why is the UPS inverter running at this time? Can you make a firmware so that the inverter does not work at this time?

@Alexxx Kindly check the info below. Although the inverter is completely switched off, there will be a self-consumption.

When the station is fully charged, connected to a 230 V network and no load is connected to it, the station consumes 7.5 -7.8 W. Approximately every 40 minutes in idle mode, the station is discharged to 99% and begins to charge, while turning on the fans to cool.
It seems to me that after the release of your product, you did not test it, but immediately started selling it

  1. In UPS mode, the 230-volt outlet is turned off every hour
  2. In idle mode, there is an incomprehensible consumption of 7.5 W
  3. When connected to the 230V, the station is discharged every 40 minutes and starts charging.
    Do you consider this normal work?

@ Alexxx
I think that youre measurement equipment is not very good to say there is something wrong. I wouldn’t believe that connector. But what me makes angry is the part that the powerstation shows zero watt at incoming. That is not ok. That suggest someone that no power is need and cuts the power line. But after a while the powerstation gets empty. That is not the fine art of engeniering a powerstation. The powerstation should show (like the bluetooth app) how many power is needed.
@BLUETTI_CARE: Thank you for the informations of the needed power. This information SHOULD BE in the manual!

1/2. We send a new firmware to you, please update the ARM to 206205 to test.
3. Stop charging after fully charged, and drop to 99% after 40 minutes is a normal loss. As long as the EB3A is on, the inverter is on.

ok, I’m waiting for the new firmware, thanks!

Firmware update not received, there are no updates in the app :frowning:

I’m also looking for a firmware update.
My EB3A won’t go past 155 on a wall plug in charge.
Hoping it’s a firmware issue only.

@Alexxx Send again, please check.

@canadacup EB3A has three charging modes. Did you set it to Silent mode?

No updates in the app, my serial number EB3A2247002397046
ARM v2063.2
DSP v2052.10

This is occurring on Standard mode. I also tried silent and turbo with the same results as I tried to troubleshoot.

No updates in the app, my serial number EB3A2247002397046
ARM v2063.2
DSP v2052.10

@canadacup Maybe the internal temperature is too high, the charging current will be limited when the temperature is high, so the charging power will be limited.

@Alexxx The technician sent the firmware again, please check again.

Why can’t I see the update? What could be?