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Do you know something new about BLUETTI AC60 and AC180?

Share with the forum members, which feature of AC60/AC180 you like the most & what new expectations you have for BLUETTI portable power stations.

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May.12th, 2023.

:1st_place_medal:1st Prize: AC180 *1
:2nd_place_medal:2nd Prize: AC60 *2
:3rd_place_medal:3rd Prize: PV200 *3
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AC60B80 will be the first launch in US & JP.
AC180 will be the first launch in EU & AU.

We will adjust the prize distribution time according to your country.
ONLY for US, CA, EU, UK, AU, and JP residents. (Except for AK, HI, PR, and some European islands).

Don’t hesitate to share your insights. :thought_balloon::thought_balloon:


This is my submission for the @BLUETTI Community Forum’s #PowerOnTheGo contest!

I am really excited to see the harmonious expandability of these small-mid sized units coming to life! The AC60/B80 combo will be like a mini AC200Max/B230 system in smaller footprint! Being able to size your system accordingly to specific use-cases will absolutely be fantastic for on-the-go situations. The weight of the AC200Max and B230/B300 batteries has sometimes deterred users from using these systems for day-to-day portable applications. And sometimes you just dont need that big of an inverter and system! The b80 battery by itself will be great for users who want alot of capacity, but dont need to be running AC appliances. For instance being able to power a DC portable fridge for a day trip or weekend adventure!

The AC180 steps it up a bit and will power 99% of everyday appliances, but wont be as heavy as the AC200p/AC200Max units. Its going to be like an updated eb120/eb150 unit, but will be featuring all the bells and whistles of the newer technology and LifePo4 cell chemistry, which has been missing in Bluetti’s lineup for some time. Seems like its going to be a great addition to the Bluetti family and fits that void in-between the eb70s and the AC200p/AC200Max units. Im not seeing that the AC180 has the ability to expand its capacity harmoniously like the AC200Max or now AC60… BUT it fits that 700wh-2000wh void perfectly in an all-in-one unit!

As far as any “expectations” I might have or want to see included in these new power stations… I hope to see Bluetti incorporate a user defined feature, so that charging wattage can be adjusted based on the users needs. And the ability to set SOC (both max & min) limits for the units. App controlled variable charging with 100w increments, and SOC limits will help the longevity of the units battery cells, and alot of the competition is already featuring this.

It would also be fantastic to see them implement a toggle or switch so that the user can configure the screen timeout… Most the time, I want the screen to stay on for easy monitoring… and then theres times when i’m using a unit while sleeping, where I want the display to “time-out”, so it would be nice to be able to adjust the parameters based on use case within the app. This is an option that can be set on some of Bluetti’s newer/larger systems, but would be great to see added to all the app controlled devices. Again, alot of the competition offers this feature so I cant see why Bluetti wont to keep them ahead of the pack.

Another feature that would also be great to see in a small/mid sized unit like these, is the ability to have another regulated high amp output. I’m envisioning a 12v/30amp output like the aviation output on the OG AC200/AC200p/AC200Max or even with an anderson or xt69/xt90 port instead? I know I am shooting for the moon here… haha but you asked for new hopes and expectations! haha This would allow me to efficiently run all my 12v appliances by connecting directly to my fuse block in my camper, without the high idle discharge that some of the larger power stations & units have. Shoot… maybe even make this 12v/30a port bi-directional (user-defined in the app obviously) so that we could increase the charging speed and ability of the unit?!? :thinking: Also was slightly disappointed to see that there were no 5521 barrel plugs on the ac60/b80/ac180?? These worked great for powering our portable fridges while on the road. The cig ports definitely will do the trick, but those plugs were definitely utilized in my applications.

All in all, I am extremely stoked to see the continued growth of the Bluetti brand, and lineups like these new units that will make day-to-day life easier. Keep on bringing the thunder Bluetti and thanks for having us all along for the ride!! :metal: :metal:

And just for fun… hahaha heres a photoshop rendition of what a revamped ac180S model could possibly look like… if you were to bring back the colorful “bluetti blue” option, add a 12v/30a output, a couple 5521 barrel plugs, an extra 100w usbc plug, and maybe even expansion ports on the side?? :kissing_heart:


The AC60 is a great new option for #PowerOnTheGo especially for travelling and camping. Its small size and light weight along with water and dust resistance makes it ideal for this purpose.

The features I like most are its compact size, quiet operation and the ability to expand its capacity as needed with B80 batteries. Pair it with portable folding solar panels and you have everything you need for a camping trip where you may not have access to other sources of power. You also don’t need to worry about it being damaged when being used outdoors.

It can also be used as an emergency power source at home, especially with the added capacity of the B80 batteries.

The new AC180 fills the gap between the smaller and the larger power stations and makes it a great option for people who don’t need the capacity of the AC200P/Max and above.

In particular I like its UPS functionality and quiet charging which will make it a great option for home office working using it to power a desktop computer, external hard drives, router, etc. and keep them running in the event of a power outage and allowing work to be saved.

It also has the capacity to keep essential items such as a fridge, emergency lighting and other devices running throughout a power outage as well as charging your phone.

With these two new products, there’s a Bluetti power station to suit everyone’s requirements and budget from camping to solar powering an entire home.

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WOW! Where have you been AC60? #PowerOnTheGo
My favorite features would definitely be the super fast charging. My time is valuable and who wants to spend their time waiting for a solar generator to get charged. The size on the AC60 is compact which is another plus for me, I love anything that’s portable. Oh did I mentioned that it has 7 different outlets for all my portable power needs and it’s boosting at
600w. I can see myself now sitting in my lawn chair watching my grandson playing baseball while using my portable cooler, IPad, cooling fan, a snow cone machine while charging my phone and so much more. Everyone would be asking me “what is it? and where did you get it from?” Of course I have to tell them it’s a Bluetti solar generator. I love that the AC60 is dust proof and water resistant. I would store this unit in a nice bag and I would also insert Silica Gel packs inside the bag for extra protection. I can’t wait to try this unit. The AC180 is far superior in its class boosting at 1800W and fast charging 0 to 80% in just 45min now that’s outstanding! So far Bluetti has raised the bar in the Portable Solar Generator Game with this unit. Now how about a Portable Solar Power Toilet. I can’t wait to see what new innovations are in stored. :raised_hands:t5::raised_hands:t5::raised_hands:t5:

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#PowerOnTheGo is exactly what is needed. The splash resistance and dust proof protection provided by the AC60 and B80 are going to take #RealVizions to a whole other level. I just got the EB3A to be used in the van for traveling and camping with the family.
In addition to camping and traveling, the AC60 would allow my family to stay charged at all times. #GetOutThere
I would expect to use the AC60 to charge my electric lawn care tool batteries while travelling to different job sites. Charge devices to capture memories and stay connected.
My family and I love spending time outdoors and going on new adventures. :world_map:
With the AC60 or any other Bluetti product in your toolbox :toolbox: you can be sure that you have #PowerOnTheGo

A way to charge from solar and DC at the same time would be awesome for my setup. Is that even an option?!?
Also excited to hear that the B80 can be used with the EB3A and a few other models. That way it can be used as additional battery storage!

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It’s official (at least for me), I’m super stoked with the #PowerOnTheGo campaign and the soon to be released AC60 and especially with the add on B80. It has the power storage I’ve been needing for longer camping trips. With its size, weight, and rugged toughness it’ll give me the assurance I need. I’ve enjoyed the compact EB3A, but I’m ready for an upgrade. I love the quality and innovative direction BLUETTI has been headed… keep up the great work!


@Bizzle Welcome to the community.

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:heart_on_fire: :heart_on_fire: #PowerOnTheGo Campaign Prize Time!
Congratulations to all the winners! :tada:

:1st_place_medal: AC180: @m.briney
:2nd_place_medal: AC60: @JPBoggis @YardGuy
:3rd_place_medal: PV200: @_Traveldiva2 @Bizzle

Thank you so much for entering!
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We are hoping to see more entries from our forum members in the next giveaway! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Congratulations to all the winners. Thank you so very much :blue_heart: :blue_heart:


Wow! Thank you @BLUETTI and congrats to all the winners! PM sent over! :slight_smile:


Wow! That is awesome! Thank you! Congrats to everyone!


Thanks, I’m looking forward to using the AC60.


SWEET!!! I can’t wait to use it. This makes for great weekend. Thanks Bluetti!

I like the smaller units for the single night outings with the CPAP. The AC180 would be great for a pack trip!

I like how small but rugged the AC60 is. I do camping in rain, dust, or cold, and I need my power station to keep up. I need a power station, which I do not need to constantly babysit. The outputs are all I need, and the power is enough for a regular daily use and charge. I have 200W of solar on the roof of my truck, so there are no problems to change during driving. Perfect power station to also run my 12V fridge. And, of course, the option for additional batteries is absolutely brilliant.

The AC180 is a perfect fit between AC60 and my AC200Max. I love the strong AC output, which I plan to use to run a small AC unit for my dog during hot days on the road. The expandability is amazing. I like that there are 4 AC outlets instead of only 2. Also, the size is great to store the unit at the bed of my truck. I can not wait to take AC180 to our next overland adventure.

Thanks for the great products!

Bluetti Is an excellent product? I take it everywhere, camping and on the road.

Thank you all for the discussions! This #PowerOnTheGo event has now come to a close for the time being.
We are now holding the AC300 sharing event. If you own the AC300 system, bring it along and join!