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:canoe: Are you passionate with Overlanding, Camping, or Caravan Adventures? Join BLUETTI’s contest to win the new BLUETTI MultiCooler and an AC180T station. Ensure your drinks stay cold and food remains fresh, wherever you are. We’d love to hear your ideas for devices in the new BLUETTI SwapSolar Series, designed to work with AC180T batteries. Your thoughts will shape our future innovations. :camping:

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Create a New Topic using #BLUETTISwapSolar and tell us your wishlist for BLUETTI’s upcoming SwapSolar series, tailored to the AC180T’s removable batteries. Share detailed descriptions, innovative ideas, and your vision for the perfect SwapSolar devices. Let your imagination flow! Ensure your entry is detailed and comprehensive, with no less than 100 words.

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:1st_place_medal: AC180T + SwapSolar MultiCooler *1
:2nd_place_medal: AC2A *1
:3rd_place_medal: PV120 *1
:moneybag: 2000 BLUETTI Bucks *10

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The ideas with the highest number of likes and comments will have a greater chance of winning.
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My family love to go wild camping especially my daughter, who is in a wheelchair and space is at premium when we go camping. as we need to take lots of medical equipment and supplies with us.
Swappable batteries in the ac180t is a fantastic idea,you could run the unit 24/7 and swap out the battery without turning off the unit. Especially good for medics equipment.

For example, when one of the batteries runs low, you can conduct non-interrupting maintenance by swapping it with a fresh battery in a matter of seconds.

Unlike internal battery technology, a hot-swap battery doesn’t need a professional technician to change the battery or conduct regular maintenance. The battery LED indicator displays each battery’s charge status and time remaining; for instance, also the shipping costs are greatly reduced because if one battery developed a fault that’s all you would need to send back leaving you still with a working ac180T to use and the unit running on one battery.

First the bluetti cooler- ice maker. Awesome Looks wonderful. Great size and long run time. Would love the ability to put a mobile SIM card in it that would allow you to access the unit from anywhere and access information like temp,battery status, also built in speakers for music.

Also the ability to half the cooling compartment. When you start your trip the cooler will be full but the further you get into your trip the cooler might only be half full I the ability to only cool one side of the cooler would also extend the runtime of the cooler.only half the cooler to cool.

Now for the AC180T hope I can explain this do you understand.

To make the ac180t a unit for all things. My ideas are

  1. Built in sim card to access the unit remotely either when camping or at home so you can access the battery status,and internet access for the kids.
  2. Built in speakers for music or you could add a microphone for calls.great for emergency situations.
  3. Now the battery so you went camping,overlanding, caravanning the unit is bigger than the ac180 so can’t really take it that far. So going out a trek ,walk. The battery would split in half(push latch forward full battery comes out pull latch back only half the battery comes out ) leaving you with a small portable bluetti half the size and half the weight of the original battery. Also two usb on the half battery ideal for when you’re away from the main unit to charge phones ,camera,drones.[quote=“Ktt, post:2, topic:27100, full:true”]

@Ktt Thank you so much for the ideas! :star2:
Can you create a new topic so I can count your entry as valid? :smile:


Is that it done now to get a valid entry?


Looking good for what i can see. Maybe include the Hashtag in your title too? At least i can find it using the search





Go to the main page and select New Topic, and put #BLUETTISwapSolar in the headline and then copy/paste everything to that.

He already create a new topic a few days ago, when he not delete it.

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gotcha. thanks erik @Selfmadestrom

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Hi thanks for the reply found it now. So there is a wee problem with the way it displays I was using my phone and it doesn’t show up in portrait mode,only in landscape everything is on the iPad though.

iPad screenshot you can see new topic top right.

Just added my entry:

It’s the WP72, a portable water purifier with 4 levels of filtration:


Pretty cool; I like how the members are design products themselves :slight_smile:



Hello everyone ,

With the good weather coming I would also like to see a folding bike in the SwapSolar series We’ve been looking at electric bikes for a few months now :grin:
It would be blue in color (BLUE tti for the blue sky) with fairly thick tires, when we go on weekends we go more into nature to relax (forest, mountains, etc.) so fairly thin tires would not be ideal :grin: and most importantly it would be powered by an AC180T battery, under the saddle I think it remains the ideal location, like that there is room to put something on the luggage rack :heart_eyes:
There we would be ready to go for long hours in nature with our Doggie :dog: without getting too tired :grin:


To count as valid entry, you need to create a completly new topic instead answer this post. :slight_smile:

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