Join BLUETTI at Enlit Europe 2023 in Paris, France

:sun_with_face:BLUETTI & Enlit Europe 2023: Embrace the future of home energy solutions!
We’re bringing the power you need for a greener, more efficient lifestyle with our latest innovations.

What we present:
:star2:AC200Max Expandable Power Station
:star2:EP500pro All-in-one Power Station
:star2:EP760+2*B500 Residential Energy Storage System

:calendar: 28-30 Nov 2023
:round_pushpin: Paris Expo Porte de Versailles, France
:white_check_mark: Booth: 7.2A11

Join us at Enlit Europe 2023 and be part of the energy revolution! :muscle:
New Power, New Choice:

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Did you not recently announce a micro-inverter balcony-mounted solution? I remember seeing a pretty new product in the lineup, but can’t find the email…

are you referring to this?