I cancelled both my EP500 Pros

I have decided to bail out of the Ep500pros take the 8% cancel fee and move on to the AC300 and 4 of the BC300 $8600 - 8% Vrs $7696.00. Plus more Kw and much better portability. With tax its about a break even but you get portability, better charging and more KWH.

Anyone agree?

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I am about where you are… still trying to decide. Getting frustrated that I can’t get clear answers on the EP500PRO & B300 capabilities. If they could explain (and they should take the time to do so) my mind could be made up…

So I don’t blame you, might be what I do🤷🏼‍♂️

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Theo Oates up that the b300 will work with the eb500pro pro.
I will likely get one of the b300 to back up my eb500pro and use the same as my camping system ( I don’t use AC anyways)

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I am going to get 4 B300 and 1 AC 300. Hot here in Palm Springs area 4 months of the year

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Pro500 is too heavy for me.

James how did you cancel? What was the % penalty?

This guy has both an indepth review and a video besides this comparison.

Also, fyi, the B300 can be charged with 700W solar input. So it can be a stand alone DC power source with solar charging capability if you want to take it camping or whatever. Compare that to the EF slave batteries and how much space they take up and without the versatility.

This first photo shows the relative size of two B300s next to an AC200Max, which is the same size as an AC200P

Compare the sleek lines of the EP500Pro and imagine a couple B300s neatly stacked, to the Delta Pro with its slave batteries that can only be charged when connected to the Delta Pro, and nothing can be stacked.

They should not be left outside as shown, either.


I found this Q&A in the comments on the EF campaign page.



8% penalty. I went to kickstarter and sent a message to Bluetti. They responded to my first cancellation but not the second one. They were pledged with 2 different emails.

Very interesting but no comparison to AC300 and B300 yet. Too early

182 lbs EP500 PRO. TOO MUCH for 73 years old

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Hi Shawn, there’s no need to cancel your crowdfunding pledge, we can upgrade your perks to AC300 and B300’s, you just need to send us an email and leave the rest to us.


@SoulGen first thank you🙏🏼 great research and I appreciate your diligence. I would have agreed as well with his article on July 7th… but then @BLUETTI announces the AC300 and B300 capabilities and to this day after a week of trying to gain knowledge on “which one “is and will have” the largest capacity to back up a home (which is my intent)… I still cannot understand the EP500PRO (and I have two pledged) on how exactly the B300 will interact and hopefully grow the EP system capacity. I am trying to get the largest Bluetti system available… I thought I did… and then the announcement has thrown a wrench in my plan. While I still have time to educate myself (if I could ever get clear answers) I want to make the best decision. I have even emailed Bluetti support and “no reply”. My frustration is mounting… but I am trying to make good choices for what I consider hard earned money.

I completely understand your quandary. Would help to know your total Wh needs, what exactly you need to run. I thought I asked before, but are you all electric, do you require AC, etc? How long are power outages in your area?

The only reason I did not ultimately go for the EP500Pro is that our power outages are infrequent and relatively brief, so I couldn’t see installing a transfer switch and subpanel, plus my existing 9.84Kw solar array is grid-tied, with microinverters, so I can’t use it to solar charge the EP500Pros. My utility co requires my array be disconnected in a power outage besides. So I’ve got a lot of smaller ones to use in various ways in various rooms of the house. Not ideal, but it works well enough for me. Believe me, I wanted the EP500Pro! And two would be a dream.

Bluetti is getting nervous as they are thinking they might lose a bunch of Pro orders to the AC300 and B300

OK I would like to do that. So no 8% fee to do that?

I would like 1 AC300 and 4 B300’s

Thank you please advise and reply

BTW, here’s my list of smaller sogens. If I add up all the Wh, it is around what two EP500Pros have, but the multiples are to be used as backups to the backups, in case of an extended power outage, such as an attack on the grid or a natural disaster. Some of these are not yet here. But this is a hodge-podge compared to a whole system like the EP500Pros, and cost far more individually than if I could have two EP500Pros, even if I added B300s to the EP500Pros. They are all very good in their own right, just not as seamless or sleek. :smirk:

Did you get my email with the information? Thanks James Hansen

Putter, email Bluetti at crowdfunding@bluetti.com with questions and concerns. They will help you. :slightly_smiling_face:

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We can upgrade your perk on our end, and no 8% charge is needed as long as you don’t request a refund.

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