How many AC300 failures do we have out there?

One of my AC300 units failed with a 008 OCP error. Is this fixable? It has the latest firmware updates through th Bluetti app on my phone. Has anyone discovered if there is an internal fuse to the AC output citcuit? My unit can still charge through AC or DC input, and the DC output was not affected so I hope it is fixable.

Got a replacement unit. The fan on this one this one is on all the time full blast which can’t be right.
Also it has produced the same error 22.
With this same setup I had the first unit working for a few months …….

So I’m a bit stuck here

Has anyone else encountered that the phone number for US support does not pick up? I can’t get customer service, and technical support says the mailbox is filled and has been this way for the last month or two.

I think the product idea is fantastic, but I’m wondering if there is any real support.

I am working with someone on email, but they asked me questions that I’ve already answered in previous emails and take up to five days to respond to me each time.

I really want this product to work out and support it, however I’m beginning to feel really concerned about the support

I’m a big Bluetti product fan. Original backer of the EP500 Pro on Kickstarter, Now owner of an AC300 = 3xB300 batteries direct from, and now I have backed an AC500 = 2x300s set up on Indiegogo. However I have just discovered a slight issue with the charging from AC power to my AC300. It charges from UK 240v AC Grid ok. It also will charge from a small inverter Generator I have to 1600w ok. However I wish to charge it from the AC on my Ecoflow delta Pro (This basically means I can link the battery systems together) It won’t? It also won’t charge from grid AC mains when my house is running of my Champion CPG7500E2 DF 7000W generator.

So what do you do? I have endeavoured to go through the contact us page of and emailed with a full description and a video. I’ve copied and pasted the email Ive sent below. I’m endeavouring to reach out to Bluetti here as I’m at a loss as what else to do. So BLUETTI DO YOU HEAR SEE ME??? Please can someone respond




I sent the original email on the 6th September and a follow up a week later. Absolutely nobody has got back to me!! There is no number to call. I haven’t even had an automated email reply. This is really bad customer care. I have made a pledge for the new AC500 + B300s batteries on Indiegogo however if no one at Bluetti can simply respond to a technical issue that might need to be a warranty issue then naturally I would have to cancel the indiegogo pledge. How can anyone proceed if there is no customer service!??

If anyone gets this here is a further update
My AC300 charges from UK 240v AC Grid ok.
It also will charge from a small inverter Generator I have to 1600w ok.
However as per below I wish to charge it from the AC on my Ecoflow delta Pro (This basically means I can link the battery systems together) It won’t?
It also won’t charge from grid AC mains when my house is running of my Champion CPG7500E2 DF 7000W generator.

Here is the follow up link to the one below Dropbox - VID_20220909_143607326.mp4 - Simplify your life

Here is the original link again Dropbox - VID_20220906_090618225.mp4 - Simplify your life

Please kindly get back to me

Thank you

From: Dean McEvoy
Sent: Monday, September 12, 2022 12:32 PM
Subject: Re: AC Charging problem

Hi There

I am just chasing this one up. I’m currently wishing to upgrade to the AC500 + battery’s via Indiegogo but need to correct/understand this issue before I proceed. there is still 50 units left on the perk but the clock is ticking so I would appreciate it very much if you can respond to this promptly
Kind Regards

From: Dean McEvoy
Sent: Tuesday, September 6, 2022 5:30 PM
Subject: AC Charging problem

Hi There

I have The Bluetti AC300 + 3 x B300 batteries. Works great with my 3000w solar (aprox). For my setup I also run a EcoFlow Delta Pro+ Extra battery with an additional 2000w solar (aprox). They all charge as expected both with soar and mains AC from the Grid if required. However I now run my small house completely off grid and so I use the option of running both eco-systems on different circuits, (3000w Bluetti + 3600W EcoFlow) however it is rare that I need more than 3000w of the Bluetti AC300 at any one time so I want to charge the Bluetti with both Solar & AC from the Eco Flow.

The Eco Flow Pro will charge nicely from both its solar + AC from the Bluetti for max input. However for some reason the Bluetti will not charge from the Eco Flow AC output. I hear the Bluetti just click on and off within its circuit but will not draw from the EcoFlow. There is definately not a problem with the Eco flow. Its running happily outputting 230v and 50Hz up to 3600w

I have uploaded a quick video here. Dropbox - VID_20220906_090618225.mp4 - Simplify your life I’ve tried every UPS setting on the Bluetti but to know avail. Please can you help with this issue.

Kind Regards

@Deano I’m quite sure you are experiencing the same issue as several others have reported here.

The AC300 is very strickt in accepting power from other sources. It seems this has to do with synchronising frequency with the supplying unit. I have similar ussues when using AC200p units as input.

I found a workable workaround for my situation. I have my suplying unit at a multi socket power strip. If I plug in one of the AC200p units, sometimes it works, somtimes the relais starts clicking. I use the powerbrick that is supplied with the AC200p to additionally pull power from the powerstrip and feed it directly into one of the B300 batteries.

This results in drawing more power from the AC200p which helps the AC300 to succesfully handle the sync process. The clicking stops and most of the time I then can remove the extra power brick.

For me limiting the input power for the AC300 works best at 2 or 3 Amps

I had a similar problem. I connected my AC300 to the B300, (both new units) together, plugged in the power to the wall socket, and the light lit up on the B300 but nothing on the AC300, Evan after a long press on the “on” button. I left the units joined together and connected to the wall socket, as I checked out the troubleshooting guide in the manual as there was no explosion when I first plugged the units in I thought it would be safe, (WRONG) after a few minutes there was a loud pop from inside the AC300. It is now a brick.

I also had the problem of a loud popping sound and a burning smell from the AC300, about 10 mins after plugging it in, the unit itself did not power up, or at least no indication that it had powered up (no power switch light or anything). The seller, Top-ELETech Store, are trying to delay the inevitable by asking for a video???, of a dead unit, and saying there are lots of videos showing how to solve problems. What is wrong with them? I do hope Bluetti sert this out quickly.

Hi @mutley , Sorry for inconvenience caused.
In view of your claim that the machine has been damaged, we suggest that you contact the seller at the time directly for return or exchange processing. Please understand that we cannot handle after-sales issues for products purchased through non-BLUETTI official channels.