How many AC300 failures do we have out there?

I know of one other person with AC300 issues.

Myself my FIRST AC300 had a bad wireless module. The second AC300 is now dead (for the short time it was working, OCP failure + loud pop and smell of burn electronics). Now they want me to power it on again (it won’t) and get a screen shot.

Anybody else have AC300 failures?


The incidents of issues reported here does seem worrying, but I guess it is only people with issues that would post. There would be lots of other happy but silent people with their AC300. Though with some regulars here reporting issue, there does look to be some growing pains. I do hope Bluetti will take good care of their pioneers and then apply lessons learned to improve the next batch.

Hi @dx9s,

I would like to apologize for your problems.
We sincerely vale you as our important customer, and you product experience is vital to us. Our customers service need some detailed info to analyze issues. Pls rest assured that we will try our best to solve problems. And we feel sorry for the inconvenience. Pls send the video and the screen shot to our customers service.
Thank you.

We had a lot of issues with the batteries, but the AC300 had been working great, providing 24/7 off grid power for the last month or so. However, yesterday the wifi went out, so will be emailing customer care to figure out if there’s any issues (since the mention of a dead wifi module is concerning!).

My AC300 stopped working after two days. While grid charging at 12 amps I plugged in a small 500 watt space heater to one of the 20amp outlets. The unit tripped on overcurrent and it never reset. Customer service was great. They issued a prepaid shipping label to return the broken unit and quickly shipped a replacement. No problems since been running the unit 24/7 under load for three weeks now.

To give background, I own two previous models (EB150 and AC200 [the original crowd funded model]). And both have been flawless.

I really do hope that the majority of folks have not had any issues as this would give me hope to try a third time. Because there is a saying about the third time… something involving a charm or it IS one? not sure which. Understood that the squeaky wheel gets the attention.

Replied Monday with the one photo I did get before the AC300 completely died (will not power on) of the OCP message. It’s now Tuesday evening and have not heard back. Not sure what timezone difference I am dealing with, but this whole experience (two previous units with issues included) has been depressing.

@BLUETTI You want a video of the unit NOT powering on? I did send photo of the OCP message to support already.


My first AC300 had failed after a few days of operating, getting the over current protection error. Bluetti had me send the failed one back with pre-paid shipping, and sent me a replacement simultaneously. The new one arrived this past Friday and has been working well so far, but I’m giving more time to verify that it will continue to work well.

Has anyone been successful in installing the Fusion Pro box on the dual AC300s ?
I have lost days trying to get it going with no success. The instructions (step 1 & 2) on pg. 38 make no sense. 1) Plug the OUTPUT cables from ea. AC300 to Split Fusion Box. &
2) Plug the Communication cables from both AC300 to the Split Fusion box.
Steps 3 & 4 make sense.
If you have been successful in getting 220/240v out of your Power Station, would you plse. post your pics here? This is a Plug & play system so not Rocket science yet I am dead in the water here. Plse. HELP!
I emailed Bluetti, waiting for a response.
Also, I have also noticed that the top (BAT 1) Port on one of my AC300 units does NOT work.

I have connected my Fusion Box Pro to my two AC300 and B300 setup, following the instructions to setup the “Split Phase” on both AC300 units, and placing one unit as Master and the other as Slave. When I powered the Ac on at the Master, the Slave powered on automatically. I measured the AC voltage at the Fusion Box but at the TT-30 outlets because I had the L14-30 outlet attached to my home. I did power my home for at least ten minutes during this test (It has a transfer switch), so my installation was a total success.

Want to start with the fact that I love my AC300 and it is doing well save these two issues. The only issue I have had so far, aside from the slightly annoying 12A input max, is a weird sound something between and annoying small fan sound and a constant beep. There is no consistent thing when they start or stop so I am out of ideas and working with Bluetti support on this.

I just received a new AC300/B300 combo. After connecting them together, I did a long-press on the AC300 to start the units and only the B300 powered on. No power light or screen on the AC300. After checking out an AC300 video on YouTube, it seems I didn’t have the cable between the units “locked” into the plugs. My mistake, but I wish the user manuals were a little clearer on that. Anyway, after locking the cables in place, both units switched on with the B300 showing 64% SOC. Proceeded to update the firmware. I see from other posts that some recommend a full charge-discharge-charge process prior to storage for emergency use so that will be next.

Hopefully, all goes well going forward. I’m new to these systems, but looking forward to learning more!

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I don’t know if you’ve seen this thread, but a bunch of us AC300 owners have a problem with transfer switches where when the power is restored from the grid after an outage, a “high voltage” alert pops up and the AC output is turned off. The AC output can be turned back on successfully after clearing the alert. This only happens when connected to a transfer switch.

I’m curious if the fusion box might somehow mitigate this. Would you mind trying connecting the fusion to your transfer box, and disconnecting then reconnecting grid power to your AC300s to see if AC output stays on? (Note we find this happens even when the transfer switch has no load! Just the physical connection somehow triggers it.)

I’ve replied to the other thread @recycle … Summary, the inputs and output current bearing leads (Hot and Neutral) MUST be isolated. T500 directly to B300 or AC-to-AC isolation transformer into AC300.

I am waiting for my replacement AC300 to show up sometime today before I can confirm methods that work for proper isolation. The output from the AC300 inverter is using an H-like bridge circuit that isn’t designed to be connected to the neutral input. Most transfer switches effectively only switch the hot and bond the generator neutral to main panel neutral, generator ground to main panel ground (and ground and neutral is bonded in main panel only).

I’ve reached out to BLUETTI and worked with them to discover this issue. They are aware. I am not sure as to what plans they have going forward. At least an Errata stating input and outputs need isolation (less the earth ground). They might also suggest or end up selling an isolation transformer, I don’t know.



You are correct that the Neutral and Ground wires must be isolated at the Transfer Switch, and only joined at the Master Panel that feeds from Utility power. The Neutral only handles some current when the 120 VAC loads are not balanced on each line fron the 240 VAC source, either from the utility or the Fusion Box Pro. It can be measured at the Main Panel with an AC current meter.

On Wednesday I received my new solar kit, the BLUETTI 2AC300 + 4B300 + 1P030A + 6PV200 kit (less the P030A). I’ve been testing the AC300’s separately paired with 2 B300’s each. The first unit is working as expected, I’m very happy with it. I put the second unit in my RV. It was working but now shows an error 008, Over Current Protection, anytime I try to use AC power, in or out. I have unplugged all loads, turned off all output power and rebooted, no joy. I haven’t received the Fusion box yet so it’s not related to that. I emailed support and got a response early Thursday morning asking for more information, which I provided. Nothing since. No one answers the phone and voicemail is full. I’m hoping to get an RMA soon.

I have the same issue, 008 OCP, got my second AC300 today. Same error, only when grid is connected.

For example, i can leave the AC300 with grid only connected… after 2-3 hours the error comes up.

How did you contact the support? What did they tell you?

@chris, I kept emailing them and they replied yesterday with an RMA and a UPS return shipping label (they’re paying for the shipping, which is great). Once they receive the return they will ship me a new unit. Max has been helpful, just not very fast to respond. My second unit has been grid connected for a week and works perfectly.

Good luck!

They do not answer me…

Following! I received the 008 ocp alarm today. If I clear the alarm, it returns right away with out any input or output power.

The 008 OCP error appeared for me on Thursday. I reached out Thursday evening for assistance and for a possible RMA since that seems to be the only fix. I haven’t heard back yet.

Last time I reached out on another matter, Max responded pretty quickly and was very helpful.

I just bought a second B300 and 30amp charging cable neither of which I’ve been able to use yet since the system is unusable.

I had plans of expanding this system over time, but am hesitant at even buying a 2nd AC300 at this point until these things are worked out.

Hopefully they honor the warranty and replace it fast and can fix these issues through firmware.

As an aside, I’ve also had a lot of trouble with the WiFi module as many others have reported. Bluetooth has gotten me by, so I stuck it out in hopes a firmware or app update fixed the problem.