Help with buying rigid panels, connectors, cables for powering AC200P


I have a Bluetti AC200P and (1) PV 350 solar panel that I will be using for camping, nice days out where I can leave the AC200P outside while hooked-up/charging (in shade of course).

As a newbie to solar I am looking for suggestions on what to buy regarding panels, extension cables, attachments, etc. I want to get some rigid panels that I can wire up with extension cables to use for winter time to keep the solar generator/power bank in the house while leaving the panels outside and move into the sun as needed, and maybe mount on a shed someday. I’ll build an adjustable frame when the time comes to mount the panels for best angle.

I would like to keep the cost down since it’s my first attempt at this so thinking Bouge RV 180W-200W might be good. I would be fine with going up to 800W total knowing anything over 700W won’t matter. I just want to charge as fast as possible depending on weather.

I have no obstructions (buildings or trees) where I’ll be setting up my panels, so I don’t think parallel will be needed, but if you think it would be better to do 2 sets of two panels in series hooked up with a parallel connector to max out volts and amps I’m open to suggestions.

Please correct me anywhere I am wrong. Here is an example of what I want to do and hope I have all the right steps and accessories listed. I don’t want to order anything in excess or mess anything up.

  1. Purchase 2-4 Mono solar panels (approximately 700W and within 35-150v specifications) that have MC4 connections.
  2. Hook up two panels in series. Hook up two more panels in series. Use 2 to 1 branch MC4 combiners (or just do all in series)? Appreciate suggestions here since newbie. This is only going to be for powering my AC200P for now while learning.
  3. Connect completed panels with 30-100 foot 10 AWG MC4 extension cables. Not sure what length I’ll need/want yet. (Do not know if I should buy the length I need already made or would you recommend I order the Bouge RV solar tool crimper kit ($31.99) and some 10AWG wiring and make my own?). This all epends on whether or not I use a double gland entry box to run through a wall instead of through a window/door. If I use the gland I’ll only need a about 20-30 ft, but part of me want to learn how to make my own lengths for future use.
  4. Connect MC4 extension cables to XT90 plug.
  5. XT90 plug to Aviation plug.

I’ve been watching a lot of videos online and reading as many forum post as I can for the past two week hoping to not mess this up. There’s is a lot of great information out there, but just didn’t have exactly what I needed so thought I would ask for help.

If you think I should try two panels at first in series and go from there for 300-400W and add two more later and run in series, parallel, or series-parallel I’d love to hear it.

Thanks in advance. I’m glad I found this forum.

I am certainly not an expert on this; but with the input specifications on the AC200P, I think you just want to run your panels all in series. That is what I do with 4 BougeRV 100W panels; all in series with the AC200P.

I had inquired in this post about the same thing:

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Yep, run all your panels in series.

With my AC200P I run five 200w (24voc/20vmp ) panels in series through the PV input to get the maximum 700 watts and plan on running some more through the AC input using the Bluetti D050s charging enhancer to get an additional 300-500 watts.

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