AC200P and BougeRV 100W 9BB solar panels

I am planning on hooking up an appropriate number of BougeRV 100W 9BB monocrystalline panels in series to the AC200P. I understand the AC200P requires input VOC of at least 35v. The panel “Tech Specs” say that the VOC is 21.4v for 1 panel, although it also states that each panel is “12V” in the description. I am confused by that?

I am new to using solar panels, so would just TWO of these panels in series meet the minimum requirement for the AC200P or would I need at least THREE in series (in which case I would purchase four as I am attaching these rigid panels in two’s together with hinges to fold them & make them portable)?

Here is a link to the panel: BougeRV 100 Watt Solar Panel | 12V Monocrystalline | 9BB Solar Panel

Thank you!

Three in series will work fine and provide extra voltage when shaded.

Thanks. So that I have a better understanding of this, since the panel tech specs say VOC is 21.4V / panel, in theory 2 panels would work? Or am I not understanding the VOC rating?

VOC is the open circuit voltage which is the maximum peak voltage the panel could produce with no load. The actual maximum usable power it will produce is the VMP (18.1v) and in reality its usually only about 75% of that so three 100w or 2 200w panels would be the minimum I would use.

I use 5 200w panels to get the 700w maximum PV input on my AC200P.

Thank you @eric102 and @hey !