Help a noob? Connecting AC500 + B300S to home power grid

OK, I’ve got the AC500 and B300S. Electrician is going to install a breakout panel so I can use this to power just the essentials: furnace, well pump, fridge, etc.

Here’s what I can’t figure out: What additional cabling or gear do I need to connect the AC500 to that panel? Both for input (charging) and output. Remember, I’m new at this and super-dumb about electricity, so be gentle. :)


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Hi @justrick , About your question, I hope the following chart can help you.

It sort of does. I just have the one AC500 and B300S. And I just want to power a sub panel. So does that mean I’d just need the power inlet box? If so, what cable?

This is exactly the question I have. In addition, is this an automatic switchover or do you have to manually switch when the power goes out?

OK lots of questions here: 1) Where is the transfer switch or lockout ? Can we assume there is a lockout in the subpanel so the system doesn’t back feed? 2) In this drawing you have the Sub Panel which will have its neutral bonded to the main panel. That main panel neutral is bonded to earth via a grounding electrode conductor That will BOND the output neutral from the bluetti . Your customers have been told they can not bond the neutral of the Bluetti but it is done in this picture!!! Is Bluetti now saying you can bond the neutral?

There is no auto or manual transfer switch in this picture. We asked the question below if there was a lockout in the sub panel to prevent back feeding. Also , even more important…can you bond Bluetti neutral per the NEC to the house system neutral???

  1. transfer switch in the sub-panel there
  2. The neutral wire is connectable and needs to be operated by an electrician. If you need, we can provide you with a wiring diagram to the electrician.

I am also after this information, and I have the automatic transfer switch recommended by you. I have an AU 240 volt AC500. I need the plug to go into the 32 Amp x 240 volt outlet. At the moment I am connected to one of the 15 amp x 240 volt outlets limiting my output to3600 watts. Your au-sales support has told me I don’t have a 32 amp outlet

Hi, I am searching this cabel too. Any ideas? Happy new year!

Still waiting for answers to the above… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

You have provided a system that has an outlet for a 230 volt 32 amp connection, and have advertised in your website that this connection is available. I fully expected that this cable would be supplied with the unit

I have sourced your recommended automatic transfer switch (see photo) and I have had this all installed with separate critical sub-circuit for the house, to run, refrigeration, lights and fans.

This is all a test system for my Solar and Electrical partners who would like to adopt this system for their clients, however you can not or will not provide the details of the required cable to connect the 32 amp out let.

Until we have this set up we will not be expanding this system beyond the 1 x B300S and if you can not provide a suitable cable we will require a refund include transport costs for the return.

You have brought a product to market but seem not to be able to support it, have we all made a mistake??

Hi @justrick , AC500 can be connected to the sub-panel without P030A.
You can refer to the following picture.

Hi, The connectors required for 32A are optional and need to be purchased separately, we have them marked on the INDIEGOGO website, you can click on the following link.
BLUETTI AC500 & B300S - Home Backup Power Station | Indiegogo a2ae637

Correct link

BLUETTI AC500 & B300S - Home Backup Power Station | Indiegogo

Thankyou, I have ordered this now

Thank you… now can you please tell me where to purchase AC500 input and output cables?

@justrick , AC500 standard with the following charging cables, we generally do not have the output cable for sale. May I ask which specific charging cable you are talking about?

The illustration you gave me previously, showing the AC500 connecting to the panel boxes, lists “AC500 Input Cable” and “AC500 Output Cable.” What are those cables?

The output cable is not standard, you can make an optional purchase on indiegogo. Please click the link below.

Yes can you please provide the wiring diagram? I think this is what’s causing problems for everyone as this is a non traditional install for a lot of electricians.

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