🚗 Gear up for days out by taking BLUETTI SwapSolar as spring draws near

With the flexibility of AC180T battery and the power it provides to MultiCooler, the possibilities are endless.
Based on this innovative feature, how will you use this powerful ecosystem during your road trip?:thinking::thinking:

Apart from taking advantage of the above feature, what other innovative accessories do you think can complement SwapSolar and enhance your journey? :thought_balloon:Share your thoughts!

BLUETTI will likely adopt your creative ideas and launch these accessories on the Indiegogo SwapSolar project! :bulb:
Let’s engage in a brainstorming session, think outside the box and share your ideas in the comments below. :arrow_down:


Hey everyone,

I do have some usefull gadget that would give my trip a really great bonus:

  1. Outdoor Cinema: Use the AC180T to power a portable projector for an outdoor cinema experience. You could enjoy movies under the stars!
  2. Solar Powered Water Purifier: A portable water purifier powered by your solar setup could provide clean drinking water during your trip.
  3. Solar Lighting System: Portable and lightweight solar lights can be used to illuminate your campsite at night.
  4. Solar Powered Fan: A fan can provide a cool breeze during hot days, making your journey more comfortable.

    The main usecase for the AC180T would be charge my Battery Packs real quick with solar power and have access to a powerful inverter to even power more things. Maybe one of the gadgets i mentioned :slight_smile: .

    The MultiCooler top features are for me the possibility to quickly change the battery and charge it via AC180T in no time and the freezer function, to keep my tasty food i collect during my trip stay fresh. What also shouldnt miss are the icecubes, that make every drink even better!

    Lets see about your ideas!


I see two entries already list the portable solar tracker in the contest. Adding 2 cents here.
It’s probably a great option to consider, especially when you see how heavy and pricey the competition is… mentioning just Ecoflow here with a 1200+ eur price tag… and 25kg :upside_down_face:

I’m confident Bluetti + Indiegogo funding can engineer something much better than this…

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Agreed. So many good camping spots are near rivers and waterfalls throughout Europe and it’s a pitty to have to boil it, and filter it just for a tea… I used the base model of an Aquatru Classic for the #BluettiSwapSolar wishlist; it just needs a UV filter… and a SwapSolar battery slot:


Pardon my Gimp skills… I’ve seen much better on the forum :wink:

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Can’t help but imagine a Bluetti airdrop in a survival game like Sons of The Forest… or even a small Robinson style promotional survival game, stranded on an island. Idle/farming game mechanics, involving renewables, cooking, hunting, crafting.
Perfect place for solar fridges, generators, batteries for cloudy days… farming for resources to survive until help arrives. Trying to piece up a radio like @Selfmadestrom suggested in his contest entry and hope someone picks up the SOS call :slight_smile:
Seriously, in the industry of gamedev we do a lot of A/B testing: expose groups of users to features, and measure adoption rate. See how much users adopt a “possibly real life item” in “simulated real life situation” is a technique that could be used to better evaluate market viability of ideas and prototypes. Thinking outside the box, or maybe a bit too much like “there is no box” here. Case of the Mondays.
Just looking at screenshots of Sons of The Forest makes me wish for some indie budget to develop a mini-game like that for promotional use. Care to invest 20-30k of that Indiegogo campaign you mentioned @BLUETTI :angel: ? My small studio can handle a project like that from June on.

Cannibals are optional of course.
Was doing some stress test on low power hardware of an Unreal Engine game prototype last week. Must say the camping gear (and running the studio on solar) really makes me dream of making a promo minigame for Bluetti one day :slight_smile: :blue_heart:

Some high quality post from @Derceto and @Chrissie. Thanks for sharing!