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Seems that all messages posted by Admin tend to disappear after a couple of hours …
Is there a procedure to keep them visible …?

@Delest im not seeing where this has happened? Can you give a specific post as an example and I can look into it?

If you could track posts from Admin this morning … in following thread :


@Delest Im not seeing any deleted posts or timed-out posts in that thread. It appears someone else responded with the EU number.

The post was signed Admin and it was answering my question about the Hotline phone number
Had the time to quickly jotted it down …
A couple of hours later, the whole post has disappeared…
So I decided to post back the Number for all future readers
Since the number : + 49-911-311-09-790 does not appear anywhere in the site …

@Delest I could be wrong but I believe that might have been because @BLUETTI , like most companies, actually prefer to have after-sale support done thru email so that there is a paper-trail for documentation purposes. I’m the same way, as I always prefer to have things in writing so I can refer back to them later if need be. Regardless, I hope that you were able to get in touch with someone to get any issues resolved.

I did see that Bluetti had posted both on their EU and USA page that due to the crazy amount of black friday sales, support and their sales teams were backed up to a possible 14 day timeframe. This is another thing that Bluetti is really focusing on right now, and will strive to do alot better on in the future. The company has just blown up, which is a blessing and a curse, haha but they are aware of the need for extra support teams in place, and are actively working on it.