Buy EP600+B500 (3x) from Italy / reseller / technicians

ehi guys, sorry for my stupid question, I’m new for Bluetti, I’m new for backup system for home as well, meanwhile very curious to be aware of the product mentioned as the object.

As I understood the product is brand-new and there’s no reference but I’m reading a lot of reviews about all the other products and they seem well-manufactured.

Italy seems not covered by local technicians, so I’d like to know how or who could handle my installation for EP600+B500. any suggestion? Do you know Italian reseller?


Hi @leodome , For questions about EP600 installation, you can call our European customer service EP600 hotline directly.


Could you kindly indicate the phone number for the hotline …???

Thanks a lot

Sorry for the cross-post with France :upside_down_face:

Thanks for the Hotline phone Number !!! :smile:

Yes please, could you provide the hotline phone number?

Hello Domenico,

Found the info :slight_smile:
HotLine Phone : + 49 911 311 09 790

Hope this will help

Buongiorno Domenico, sei riuscito a fare qualcosa con Bluetti ep600? Anche io sono interessato ma non ho trovato alcuna info per Italia.

@francesco Potete trovare ulteriori informazioni sull’EP600 a questo link, spero che vi sia utile.