Firmware update

So how will a firmware update proceed with this box? Is it even possible?


I would like to know if there will be FIRMWARE updates if needed in the future.


I’d also like to know if field firmware updates are possible.


What mechanism would you even use to update firmware? Is one of the USBs connected to data?


So Bluetti, how do you intend to update the firmware in the AC200 and AC200P?? For your sake I really hope you designed that into this product.


I would also like @Bluetti to weigh in on this since I’m not aware of any internet connection feature. There are no USB input ports either. Curious minds want to know. I was a bit worried b 4 I bought that there did not seem to be ways to update but then the positive us less likelihood of hacking

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+1 to this question. I know Will Prowse mentioned firmware updates in his video, but I agree that it isn’t obvious how that might work. The USB ports might be the only way as I cannot imagine any of the other ports be hooked up to the head unit. We might have to see if there is a tear-down video somewhere. (Last I checked, there wasn’t one yet.)

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Jehugarcia Youtube channel opened his AC200 in his review. Why all the concern about firmware updates? I have 2 AC200s and they work fine, but it would be nice to know if a firmware update could be done by the user.

My concern about a lack of firmware updates it this:
The AC200P is seeing 16W standby on and the AC200 is seeing 6W.
I hope something like this could be addresses with a software update and not have to be returned to the factory

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Thanks. I saw some posts about that issue.

Very curious about this.
Lack of response from Bluetti is not very assuring


I’m hoping @BLUETTI will respond to this soon.

My AC200 non-P loss is approx 16-17w. No different than the P.

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@BLUETTI will someone from Bluetti please respond on how you will handle firmware updates for the AC200P?
If this unit is unable to be updated, we would at least like to know.

Thank you!


Bump. Please reply to the OP here, Bluetti.

I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that someone from Bluetti stated that the AC200 and AC200P are not capable of firmware updates. I believe the upcoming EP500 might be the first model from the company that is firmware updatable.

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Oooo yuk. Hope that’s not limiting my AC200. I wonder if the coming Voltage Fusion Box could accommodate 2 AC200 units, or another way of adding capacity without a firmware update. (Jehu on YT added 4 scooter batteries to bring it to 3kWh.)

Firmware updates would be awesome! I would love to see a toggle for the dc hardware that would turn off some of the circuitry allowing running low level dc long term with less overhead.

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I have just purchased the AC200P (Australia) I had the same question, so I contacted Bluetti Support.
Their reply is that the AC200P does not support App Control and therefore the firmware can not be updated.

This appears to apply to all products without Bluetooth and or WiFi App connectivity.

If interested, I bought the AC200P over the AC200max for one simple reason. The max was at the time of purchase AUD$2,999, the 200P was on special at AUD$1,999. I could not see a $1,000 worth of benefit from the 200max v the 200P for my needs.