AC200P Do I pull the trigger and purchase:

So I absolutely love some of the you tube videos and the different scenarios folks have used this for. I still have the following concerns, being for me Justifying the cost and my need for one AC200P. See what you all think?

  1. How and when do the firmwares take place, still no Info on this?

  2. How will we ever add more batteries to our Bluettis’s and when it happens will it be able to take both AGM 100amp and lithium Ion or just one? or will this be a feature in the next upgrade, and then again should I just wait?

  3. I do love this product and would love this succeed as well as to see what the next generation or model will look like, Maybe the AC200P1, or AC350C? but would like it to be manufactured in the US, or at least closer to us. Keeping fingers crossed on my final decision, and maybe someone on here can help me with these questions. Thanks ahead of time, and thanks Bluetti.

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All very good questions. I had been waiting for a solar gen that met most of my requirements for over a year. I’m still learning but I felt this one came close and I don’t expect prices to reduce anytime soon. There seems to be latent demand.

I felt it important also with all the shipping issues to get one ordered. I hope Maxoak stays committed to its products and customers.

It was tough due to price and all the other costs to finish it out (panels, extention cords, cart, etc) but I felt it was time. I would have liked a Titan but the cost and availability were show stoppers. Plus Bluetti has good reputation so far, many happy customers.

Good luck on your decision


For question #1 - you might want to follow this thread. (No answers, but a lot of questions.) Firmware update - BLUETTI AC Series / AC200§ - BLUETTI Community

For question #2 - I haven’t tried it, but I did stumble across this. (8) Bluetti AC200 DIY Booster Battery Pack Build Project - YouTube

Totally depends on how long you want to wait for the next latest greatest thing. It took about 6 months from the time of pulling the trigger on the AC200 until received last year. I have no doubt that at some point a new improved, higher capacity model will come. The AC200 right now is state of the art with no real competition. I would love to see the ability for the next model to connect parallel with another unit to double the inverter capacity or to share battery power with lower watt levels. Less wattage consumed at idle under no loads, an app control with the ability to load new firmware and add on battery capacity would be great. But all these things will come at a higher cost and at that time I will have to decide just like everyone else…do I pull the trigger? Do I?


There is always going to be something bigger and better, thats how our country evolves…just a personal decision on when you want to pull the trigger. A prime example of this are computers and cell phones, almost impossible to stay on top of the best technology, by the time yours shows up their is more powerful ones on the market…good luck on your decision, but unless you are willing to pull the trigger consistentantly you wont be ahead of the advancement of technology.

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