Fault 030 on AC200P — no charge from PV

Howdy all,

New to the solar world but have had my AC200P running for about a year and I love it. Got it all nicely set up with two 100 watt panels and working great. Unfortunately something seems to have happened now, where the panels are no longer charging the battery.

I’ve gone through some basic Troy keavooting, such as checking the voltage of the panel input which consistently is coming in around 40V. However, when I connect the panels to the battery it no longer registers any charge or connection. If I connect the cord and restart the bluetti, I get a fault code: 030.

I’ve been looking online and through the forums but haven’t found any useful info. There is one unresolved topic from just over a year ago where someone had reported what sounds like a similar issue with a similar fault code.

Thanks so much for your help and consideration

Hi @Doaflip , Sorry for inconvenience caused.
Based on the 030 error code reported on your AC200P, we recommend that you contact the support team via service@bluettipower.com as soon as possible, sending a photo of the error code and the serial number (located on the bottom of the machine) to obtain further resolution.