Faster Charging from Starter Battery

I have an AC200P setup in my Sprinter and have been generally charging while running from the alternator. Works fine but on short hour run days, we can really draw the AC200P down.
I had intended to fix 150W solar panel to the roof and had bought a Bluetti 250W portable panel; problem is they would not meet the threshold of 35V to power the AC200P:(. Now looking for a quicker way to power up the unit even on short running days.
Have heard I can accelerate the charging by connecting from the van cigarette lighter to a Bestek 300W (pure sine wave inverter) to the Bluetti AC charger.

A charging booster with 12V to 24V 10A is the maximum load over alternator (~200W).

More Information: Fast Car Charging

@GJEmory : You can purchase a second charger from Bluetti, as HoboTech explains at 17:00:00 in the attached video, which may help meet your power needs.

Hope it helps!

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