Error Code 42 "BMS Overvoltage"

Charged my Ac200p for the first time, and now it shows the fault code 42 whenever I turn it on.
After draining the battery completely the unit also displays that it’s 100% charged even though it is not and doesn’t charge from the wall adapter.
I do believe the BMS in this unit is completely defective.

Has anyone else run into this issue?

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Hi @JohnnyR , Sorry for inconvenience.
Please provide photos and the serial number (S/N on the bottom of the machine) and send it to the support department via as soon as possible to get further solutions (for repairing or replacing) .
Thank you for your kind cooperation.

Hi @JohnnyR I do have a very similar problem (Thread. How did you solve your issue?

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Hello, were you able to figure out how to fix the fault 42 BMS over voltage? I am having the same exact issue. My until is a refurbished one second time using it. My original one i had to send back due to a different problem.