B230 - Jumps from 40% to 100%. 1 cell 0,47 Volts higher than other cells

Hi All,

in another Thread I was already starting to share an issue I have with my new B230 from the beginning:

  • Charging Status jumps from e.g. 40% to 100% within a second
  • B230 turns off automatically
  • received “BMS overvoltage” error for the B230

What I did already:

  • discharging/re-charging with external AC power on B230 directly
  • turning B230 off and on again after some time, this usually “resets” the charge status to a realistic value

This here shows the jumping to 100%

What I realized now digging into the values is that 1 cell of the B230 has a much higher voltage. Cell 5 is some 0,47 Volts higher than all the other cells which seem to be pretty balanced:

This would explain why the BMS thinks that the whole battery is full and stops charging - 1 cell is already over the limit.

Any hints how I can work on solving this by balancing the cells?

How did you read the individual cell voltages? I am interested to use the same method to read cell voltages on my four B300 batteries.

You can find some links in the above mentioned thread. The package is available on GitHub: warhammerkid / bluetti_mqtt.

On the AC300, you can also get access to a “BMS Maintenance” screen by going to “Data” → “Battery Information” and pressing 5 times in the top left corner on that screen (you’ll hear a beep if you’re pressing in the right place).


@ra-ma , I’m very sorry for the inconvenience. In view of your problem, the support department is already following up for you. Please keep an eye on the email address sale-eu@bluettipower.com for more details. Thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation.