EP500 Pro to Subpanel

I’m a little confused now as to whether I can connect my EP500 Pro to my sub-panel via the 30-amp L14-130 receptacle. Just to clarify, this is a single EP500 Pro - so no fusion box. My plan is to power a refrigerator and a few lights during outages from the panel - however, I seem to have no power going to the panel from the unit when connecting this way. I had to resort to connecting the refrigerator to the standard outlet since I couldn’t get power to the panel during the last power outage. Anyone know why this might be?

I see that when you use the fusion box with two units, you have to set the unit to split-phase - but appears this setting is only used when two units are connected via the fusion box. I tried contacting support but they seem to be overwhelmed I guess and not able to reach anyone.

The L14-130 receptacle is only needed when connecting two units. The L14-130 receptacle is input power to the EP500, not the other way you are thinking. I took the wire from the circuit breaker in the sub-panel and connected it to a power cord that had only the plug on it. Then I plugged the power cord into the EP500 and then the refrigerator had power. Be careful pulling wires out of the sub-panel. A electrician should do the wiring.

Hi @Pwkcville ,
Regarding the issue you mentioned, I am sending you an illustration. Hope it will help :blush:

Ah, okay. Not what I had expected. Sure would have been nice if the L14-30 outlet could have been used to power a sub panel even if only for smaller loads.

Not sure if this helps but thought I’d share a related issue that I had.

I have a EP500Pro connected to a Reliance Pro/Tran manual transfer switch using a cord connected to the L14-30 four prong receptacle.

When I switch from line power to Ep500 power only 3 of the 6 circuits were getting power. With some great tech support help from Reliance we figured out the problem - there is only one live wire coming from the Ep500 on the US version and the transfer switch wanted 2 as it can accommodate 240 branches as well as 120v.

As I didn’t need 240 I just connected the 2 power input lines on the switch to the one power line coming from the L14-30 socket.

Everything works great now so I’m ready for the next power outage!!!

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Great idea! Thanks for info - very helpful!

@FQRobert-- can I ask you, when you have the EP500 connected to the transfer switch, and you go from grid power being off to being on (e.g. plug it in), does the AC output stay on?

Those of us with AC300’s find in that particular circumstance, we get a fault and the AC300 shuts off output. Just wondering if the EP500 does as well. It only happens when connected to the transfer switch. Thanks.

The AC “on” light does stay on when you switch from “Generator” to “line” on the transfer switch. I didn’t try it but I’m guessing the 4 regular sockets are still live and usable

Thanks, @FQRobert — I actually meant when the EP500 gets power from the grid after it was lost (i.e. simulating grid power returning after a power-outage). This doesn’t work on the AC300 when connected to a non-neutral-switching transfer panel. Long thread about it here.

I just did a test to answer your question. The EP500 was selected to AC output and the transfer switch was in the generator position and my house was getting power from the EP500. I then plugged in the charging cord to a live outlet to simulate the power coming back on.

The EP500 started beeping and an error message appeared about high line voltage.

Hope that answers your question

Yes, thank you… same problem as the AC300 then.