EP500 currently not working

Since getting my EP500 on indiegogo, I’ve had no issues with it until today. Our family was using it when we heard a “clunk” or “pop” sound (similar to a breaker tripping). There was no buzzer/alarm sound. In addition to losing power on all things plugged into the EP500, the EP500 now shows an SOC of 0% (instead of an SOC of ~50% when I checked up on it a few minutes earlier ).

Currently, I cannot turn on the DC or AC output no matter how many times I reboot it with the green power button or the black battery switch on the back of the unit. There is also no alarm to clear. However, going to Data > Alarm History, I saw some errors (see attached screenshot).

I need to know if, based on the errors, is it safe to “charge” the EP500 so that I can use the AC outlets again and to continue using it, or for the sake of safety, we should wait and call Bluetti support tomorrow?

The error codes seem to be the same as mentioned by this user/post.

If it is relevant, I did recently see and apply updates for the IoT, DSP, and ARM of the EP500 via the Bluetti app over a bluetooth connection.

Hi Dave this is Felton. Those error codes were mine. Bluetti decided to go ahead and replace the unit which already occurred and the new one is working fine.
I would recommend trying to have yours replaced because the parts are not serviceable from our end and it should be covered under warranty. As I mentioned in another post, try to reuse all of the packaging items from the replacement unit when you ship the defective one back to them. This includes the straps that hold the unit to the pallet. My replacement came with a strap that was reusable. I just checked my time trying it off of the unit when received and when I packaged and returned the defective unit I used a flat head screwdriver to help pry the strap back onto the packaging. This is necessary when you get the unit ready to ship through the freight company. Anyway good luck.

Hi @Aduviel,

Sorry for the inconvenience.
Pls contact our crowdfunding group at crowdfunding@bluetti.com. My colleague will help you out.