Ac outlet stops working

Hi All. I am having problems with the ep500 AC Outlets shutting down at some point when I am using the time control ups working mode. There is still plenty of juice in the unit, about 60% capacity. I do not know at what point this occurs because it happens when I’m asleep. I have the charge time set for 9 p.m. to 9 a.m. so I can take advantage of the time of use plan with my utilities provider. My SOC is set for 10% to 86% because I use solar panels to charge the rest.
I just had the unit delivered and set it up yesterday. It is a replacement for one that had some issues. What am I missing?

Perhaps Eco mode is enabled and the AC usage is dropping to a fairly low amount so it’s being turned off to save some power? I’d start there!

Eco mode was not enabled. I was able to get the unit to power an electric heater using 1300 watts or so. I tried to hook up something else and the power from the ac ports stopped. I am able to power up the DC side of the battery and charge something. When turning on the DC ports there is an audible click but no such noise when turning the AC side on and off.
Also, I received some error codes. No audible alarms sounded but there are codes…035 and 034. According to the user book 034 is battery low voltage but I have no listing for 035. The lcd display states that the battery is at 100 percent.

Hi @Felton

Sorry for the inconvenience.

If your EP500 appears 035 error code, please contact our customer service and provide your series number.

What number do I call? The only number that I have is 7024634792.

Please contact our customer service at


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I called yesterday and spoke with a supervisor and customer service. Did not get the name. He said o35 has to do with a short in the system. He said he would get back to me. Do you have any insight into this one way or another. I cannot use the AC outlets on the battery unless it is in regular UPS mode which makes it kind of useless.

@Felton ahh I gotcha. I don’t have that specific unit but sounds like there might be an internal error that might need servicing? So yea like @BLUETTI said, I’d email support at and they’ll get you taken care of for sure.

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Thank you. Just waiting on a response.


Has anyone from Bluetti contacted you in the meantime?