EB70S distinguishing features

Hello folks,

I have an EB70S arriving in the next week or two. What are some physical features I can look for to make sure it’s actually an “S” model?

I have seen other posts where the label says EB70 on an EB70S. I am also unable to find any reviews on the upgraded EB70S model. On the Facebook page, there was a comment stating that the charger fans were quieter and the on/off LEDs were brighter.

Is there anyone out there with both the new and the old units who could clarify if this is true or not?

Thank you!

I have one coming mid week but from Amazons pictures it looks like it should say AC 800 watts on the front instead of 700 watts on the older one. The button lights do look brighter in the photos but won’t know until I get them side by side. Hopefully the charger fan is quieter!


Hi @eric102, thanks for chiming in! So you have the original EB70 as well? Please keep us updated with your findings on the differences. From what I can tell, your report will be the first one ever from a consumer!

Thanks again.

And good catch with the “800w” text. I missed that! In some Amazon images it says “700w” and in others it says “800w”.

Yep, I have the original which I really like but with the slightly larger inverter of the S I can comfortably run my garage fridge which has a spike of 760 watts for a few seconds. The original ran it fine but I always wondered if that power spike might shut it down at an inopportune time like in the middle of the night when I was asleep.


Hi sarl_cagan,

The AC output of EB70S is 800W. You can differentiate them according to the wattage. As long as the rated power is written 800W, then you’ve got the right EB70S.
We have updated the label, and the right label will be come out soon.


Hi @BLUETTI, thanks for your input too.

Can you comment on the other “upgrades” on the “S” model as well? I believe it was an official bluetti rep who mentioned the LED brightness and charger brick fan. I also got word today that the display stays on a bit longer. Any info would be helpful to us all!

Thank you.

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Hi sarl_cagan,

We upgrade in the following:
ECO mode, lights, charger brick fan. Different people have different senses about these changes. Because some people are more sensitive, some people don’t care about these.


@BLUETTI thanks for your feedback! I do have 2 questions tho…

1.) Will you be making the EB70s in different colors as well?? (Such as the red by chance?)

2.) Will further production of the original EB70 be discontinued then? Say something happened to one’s EB70 unit and need to be repaired/replaced under warranty… Will they be given an original EB70 in return or have an option to “upgrade” to the EB70s??

Thank you!

Hi m.briney,

  1. EB70S only has gray and blue two colors now.
  2. No. That can make it possible for people can buy what they want. EB70 and EB70S have different coupons. If the EB70 needs to be replaced, we will give you the unit according to the stock. It may be EB70 or EB70S.

@BLUETTI perfect! Thanks for the response!

Hi @BLUETTI, can you confirm what the ECO mode upgrade is on the EB70S?

Hi arl_cagan,

When the AC output is continuously under 10 watts, or DC output remains under 1 watt for more than 4 hours, the AC / DC power will be shut off automatically. This could avoid a lot of unwanted power waste if you forget to turn off the power buttons.


Thanks @bluetti! Great to know this applies to the DC as well. For example, I have a LED dimmer switch that may consume a tiny bit of power (even when the lights are totally off)… now I know that the switch must draw more than one watt or it will trigger the shut off.

Again, thanks for responding! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @eric102 ,

Very curious to see what you say when you compare the EB70 charger fans to the EB70S charger fans. I must say that the EB70S charger I just received is not what I would call quiet. I don’t think it’s a deal breaker at all… I can easily live with it. But mostly I’m curious if it is ACTUALLY quieter than the old one.

Just a note to everyone out there…

My EB70S box said “EB70” on it in two spots. Do not be alarmed! It does, in fact, say 800W in multiple places as well. If anyone finds a used one at some point in the future, make sure you look at the wattage on it to determine which model it is.


It just showed up today but haven’t opened it up yet. Will report soon.

A few more notes! My EB70S display stays on for roughly 30 seconds. I am able to wake the display back up by pushing any of the three module buttons. It is possible to wake the display without turning on AC/DC/LED… but I have to be fairly careful.

Button observations:

  • a VERY quick click to any of the buttons does nothing. No display wake and no ON/OFF function.
  • An ever-so-slightly longer “click” will either wake the display or toggle the module ON/OFF if the display is awake.

The model number on my EB70S charger is T200S-252A800-00

Also a long press of any button will turn them all off. Got to be careful with that one if you are using AC and DC at the same time.

Just pulled my new EB70s out of the box. The button lights look to be a little bit brighter in my well lit garage but not by a lot, haven’t compared them outdoors yet and I would assume the difference would be more noticeable in the dark. The power brick fan noise is exactly the same (to my ears) as the original EB70 and my EB55, they all share the exact same model number on the brick.


Another good catch there @eric102. I can confirm the long click does the same with mine. It turns the display off as well.

To recap the button pushes on mine:

  • A 1/10th (estimated) of a second push: unit does nothing
  • A 1/4th (estimated) of a second push with display OFF: turns on display only.
  • A 1/4th (estimated) of a second push with the display ON: turns on the corresponding module.
  • A longer push (1 to 2s) on a module button with the display OFF: turns the display on AND turns the module on upon release of the button.
  • A longer push (1 to 2s) on a module button with the display ON: turns on the module upon release of the button.
  • an even longer push (~3s) on ANY module button with the display OFF or ON will turn off all modules and the display. (Note that if the display was off, it turns on verify, then turns right back off.)

My opinion: this will work just fine but I do find some annoying ambiguity in the 1/10 vs 1/4 second button pushes. Those numbers are both estimated but you get the idea. They are so close that it’s difficult to know whether your button push will do nothing or turn on something. And if you want to only view the display, you still have to be marginally careful not to turn on a module by accident.

I’d prefer a quick button tap (either 1/10 or 1/4 of a second) to wake the display as A slightly longer button hold to turn on/off a module. I don’t think it should be possible to push a button (even if it’s only 1/10 of a second) and have nothing happen. My definition of a “button push” is when the snap dome (or whatever “click” is behind the button) is activated.

Again… just opinions but I thought it’d be good to share

As for the charger brick fan noise, maybe Bluetti just needed to work through all the old stock first and we got old bricks. OR, maybe the new fans just got rolled in under the same model number and are simply BARELY quieter.

All in all, I think the unit as a whole is awesome and very usable. Size and build quality are great. As long as there isn’t a huge overhead DC power draw and the claimed 716wh is remotely true, I think this will be a fantastically versatile battery.

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