EB70S distinguishing features

On my older EB70 I typically get from 560-590wh from the AC inverter and a little over 600wh from the 12v DC side. That fits the 580wh from the Bluetti specs.

For charging from zero percent the stock 200 watt charger takes 4 1/4 hours, the 12v car charger takes 8 1/2 hours and a single 200 watt solar panel takes 5 1/2 hours.

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569-590wh from AC is about 80% which is fairly normal, how much power are you pulling from it when testing?

I am a little surprised that the 12V DC only have about 600wh or 84%, I was hoping that DCDC would be 90% efficient. Though perhaps the 12V DC is limited in power so it takes hours to drain the battery and the idle consumption of the unit itself starts to factor in, decreasing overall efficiency. When you are testing DC output, how much power are you pulling from it?

The power and duration varied from test to test but today I ran the new EB70s AC inverter at a constant 157 watts and got 600wh out of it in about 4 hours. On the two 12v tests I did with the older EB70 I pulled the max 100w +/- out of it over about six hours, haven’t tried longer durations with less watts.

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@BLUETTI thanks for confirming the upgraded charger brick fan. A couple of follow-ups about the charger fan:

  1. does the upgrade make the fan quieter, or does it allow the fan to turn off automatically when not drawing power by the EB70S? Reportedly, the EB70 charger fans run forever when plugged in, even when not plugged into the EB70, or into anything at all.

  2. there’s a post below that says the charger brick has the exact same model number on the EB70s as it did on the EB70. Is that really expected, or should we be seeing a new model number?

Thanks in advance.