EB70S AC shorted straight out of box

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New owner here. I was excited to unbox my brand new EB70S today. Unfortunately, AC shows a red “SHORT” on the screen even when nothing is plugged in. Can it be reset? What can I do to troubleshoot?


Did you try turning the ac outlets on and off as well as turning the whole machine off and then on again?

I’m confused. I see power buttons only for the LED flashlight, DC output, and AC output. Where is the switch that turns the whole machine on/off?


Apparently videos are verboten here, so here is large GIF of the turn-on from completely off.


Hold the AC button down for a few seconds to turn off. Press the AC button again to turn on

Hmm. That’s what I’m doing. You can see in the GIF I posted that turning it on from cold results in the “short” indicator even with nothing plugged in.

Is it defective?


Hi @alk,

Sorry for the inconvenience.
Pls reset the EB70S and see if it is normal. Pls contact our customers service at service@bluettipower.com if it doesn’t work.

Hi there,
Have had similar issue with my eb70, not straight out of the box but after 3weeks of very lite use. The strange thing was that it worked perfectly for 3 sessions powering 30W amp, then ca’e back one morning to find it has basically froze (identical to your description)
Interested to find out if and how your issue was resolved.

Most likely it has been left on and not turned fully off. Put away for storage and the battery slowly drained past the point of no return and it will not recharge.

same thing happened to our a month out of the box…. Any resolution with this?

I got my eb70s this past week. I tried this morning to run my Acer computer on for work. It only uses 25 watts so I thought this could be a good test to see how the battery drains. Well, 3.5 hours into it I also got the “Short” message and my computer turned off! What in the world?!?

Is support here to help address this? There should be no reason why a little device of 25 watts make the bluetti short or am I missing something here?

Wow. 5 minutes after my post and I got another short! Computer turned off again. 60% power showing on the panel so it has enough juice. Trying the other outlet to see if that does anything different.

It shorted on the right plug. sigh I am waiting for their email support service@bluettipower.com to get back to me.

Anyone else know what the cause is or how to fix?

How about powering up another device and see if you have the same issue. If it is only with your PC, then you may have found your issue. I am assuming you are unsing the AC outlet since you did not specify

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I’ll be able to try maybe tomorrow but in the meantime how would attributing my PC be the problem??? The bluetti product should work regardless and seamless as grid power shouldnt it? My PC doesnt have problems on the grid. And yes, i did use the AC side. If my PC is the problem, what is the fix? Get a new PC? And if another device down the road becomes a problem to cause a short when the wattage is under accepatable levels would i then need to replace that device? Is there an explanation you can provide in more detail as to what is causing the short message?

If i have another device that does not cause a problem this doesn’t help me with my current problem of my PC shutting down due to the reset. I will try it however but would like at least some reasons to how a device under 50 watts causes a reset and isnt like a frig or freezer that surges and spikes. Any ideas? If there’s no explanation then something must be wrong with my bluetti right?

You asked for assistance and I provided you with basic troubleshooting advice. The issue either lies with the EB70 or the device you were plugging into it. You provided no information regarding you PC working satisfactorily on regular household AC current. The logical troubleshooting process would be to rule out the device that is being plugged in. You also did not provide any information regarding whether other items work as intended with your EB70. The term “short” indicates an issue with the wiring or cross connection in the wiring circuit of a cord or device which could be an issue but is unknown without ruling out the most obvious solutions

I have seen the error “short” appear during operating some devices that have nothing to do with a true “short” circuit. But… the term “short” has nothing to do with the load a device draws whether 50 or 500 watts.

Just for reference, I have another brand of Portable Power device that will not charge my Ecoflow River via direct AC connection. All my other devices charge it fine as does the wall AC. I’m sure there are some devices that are simply incompatible. In your case, I would bet that if you plugged in another computer it would work OK. It may be a simply as changing out your charging brick for the PC as it may have a problem with compatibility.

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Thank you very much Scott for that reply. That is so much more informative. I apolgize for the lack of information on my part. First time i purchase a solar power station and so i am not aware of what info you need. I also thought it would seem obvious that my PC works on the household AC otherwise that would seem silly to me to complain about the bluetti. But maybe so not obvious so again my apologies. I will try later today another bluettie eb70s because i bought 2 of them and didnt think about trying the other one on the pc as well. I will also try the one that shorts on my sons computer and see if that comes up with the short. The charging brick for the PC comment also is helpful. Overall i appreciate your response as it gives me much more to think about from a troubleshooting perspective that i didnt really find in the prior post or related posts on this topic. Thanks and i will keep you guys posted.

Oh and just to be more thorugh, i did run other items on the bluetti eb70s that did not display the short message but also did not run for me than a few minutes since i was just testing or playing with it to see things run. This was the first time when i tried the PC to actually run something with a dependency to need to work and only after 3.5 hours did the first short appear which i started posting to this forum.

Something new and strange. I am trying to charge the eb70s that shorted on my pc and the charging doesnt go to 100%. It is 0 input watts at 80%. This is my second time charging where the first time i put it to 100%. Should i discharge all the way to 0 after my other device test in hopes this recalibrates? I read somewhere some folks do that is to discharge back to zero. Thanks.