EB70S AC shorted straight out of box

Scott was right in his basic troubleshooting. I used another PC. 2 laptops with monitors tovbe precise. All the way to drain to zero and it did not short. Wonder why that other PC has issues with the bluetti. I am charging the eb70s back up since Scoty recommended to drain it all the way and recharge as a means to recalibrate the battery monitor. Will post the results later.

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Well, i just tested my other bluetti eb70s. 7 hours with the troubled PC but no Short. Not sure what to do at this point because something must not be right with the other eb70s that shorted.

since you have two Bluetti 70S units, what if you simply did not power the laptop that is giving issues from the 70S that does not perform with it.

bigger question is why one 70s performs as expected and the other doesn’t. This was just a test but if I needed this in a power outage situation and used the one that fails I would have been in trouble. I got a few other things to try like a small chest freezer but yes, I’ll be using the good one for the trouble PC computer / desktop.

In answer to your question above…I don’t know. I have seen several posts of users having items plugged in that showed a “short” error when there was not short. This inverter seems to have issues with compatibility with some types of loads (mostly hair dryers and heat gun type devices) that other inverters do not. Why one works and the other does not??? no idea

Oh, i needed to mention as was reminded by your response email notification, the “good” eb70s actually shorted finally as well after 10+ hours.

So, looks like the power supply from the PC is definitely causing issues for the bluetti eb70s as you mentioned of some other posts. At least it’s more consistent with it’s inverter problems :slight_smile: i did respond to customer support with this feedback but forget to update this post. Thanks for your input!

Update: customer support got the specs of the PC power brick that is shorting on my two eb70s. As soon as they give me an update of any findings I’ll relay it here…