EB70 Short error after few hours of use

Since Sunday (December 11) I am not able to use my brand new (Just few hours in use) Bluetti EB70 power station.
It does not react to any buttons pressed and the only way I was able to find there is a “Short” red error is by connecting it to the charging block.
Once connected screen lights for few seconds with such error code.

I’ve tried to reset it by pressing all 3 buttons and holding them for more than 10 seconds either connected to charging block or not. No results.

I’ve also recorded a video with this issue demonstration you can find with the following Youtube link: Bluetti EB70 Short error - YouTube

I’ve emailed support team at sale-eu@bluettipower.com (I’m from Ukraine) but didn’t receive any response yet after more than 72 hours.

Are there any other ways to make it work again or it’s just a faulty unit I need to return/replace?

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Hi @reddogaleks , What is your order number, please? We can press support to get back to you as soon as possible

I’m in contact right now with Bluetti representative on Amazon (where I actually bought this unit).
Discussing replacement requirements.
Will post updates here

Have the same issue with new Bluetti EB70 after about 3 hours of work. I am also from Ukraine. My order — SPF-EU-1705.

Same issue here also after a few hours normal use (ORDER #BLAUMC7155 in AU)

Receive any update from support reddogaleks?

Yeah, my power station is on its way to their warehouse in Germany. I still don’t know if it be replacement or refund

@BLUETTI can you please help me too. I’m also from Ukraine and have the same issue after few hours of using. I’ve wrote to support (sale-eu@bluettipower.com) but no answer for 7 days already. Please help. My order number is SPF-EU-1705.

Thank you in advance

@MaximRybalko I’ve also written to their Europe support and received the reply only after 2 weeks. So you probably just need to wait for one more week unfortunately.

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OMG, thanks @reddogaleks
One more question to you, how have you sent it back? Via post service?

@MaximRybalko No, via our local Meest Express delivery service

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Thank you! Good luck with your Bluetti!

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I have the same issue. How are you getting on with the problem?

I described my issue on Bluetti forum link.