EB3A UPS functionality not working like true UPS

Is there any way to minimize the amount of time the EB3A takes to switch from pass through mode to UPS mode? Whenever the battery drops from 100% to 99% my devices reboot because the EB3A AC output drops for about a second. So this may possibly damage some of my equipment, I bought this to protect my devices from AC failures not create them!


Do you have the most current firmware installed? If I recall, there are many posts about this with earlier firmware but it was rectified with subsequent updates. My (new) EB3A has performed flawlessly as a UPS for modem + router. No drops.

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Hey buddy…I got the ARM 2062.03 DSP 2056.12
Is that the most recent?
If not what’s the most recent or which versions fixed the issue? Because I’m afraid my ps5 is ruined. I took the ps5 off of this and it’s on AC power now. I’m in a lose lose situation right now.

I’m not located near my power station presently but perhaps Bluetti, or someone, will respond until I can check.

@sly Kindly provide me with the SN and the firmware version and I can check if there is a new firmware suitable for your case.

Serial number EB3A2316003204160
ARM 2062.03 DSP 2056.12

Is that it?
Where do I find the serial number? And firmware version?

@sly Thanks for your information. There will be new firmware. Please wait a few days. If there is any update, I will let you know and you can update the firmware to test.

Thanks very much.
So this issue is not resolved with the version I am on?
When is the new update releasing?

@sly It is estimated it will be released within a week. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

And would the update come via the app?
And it can be pushed via the app also?

@sly If it is released, you will see it on APP.

It’s been 7 days and no updates yet. Any feedback here?

@BLUETTI_CARE is the update coming For the Eb3a to fix this ups issue?

@sly I have sent you the firmware, please try to update it.

@sly Is there any update?

Ok, I got the update and updated it. So I’m placing my tv and ps5 back onto the Eb3a to see if the issue is resolved with the ups.

Thank you for your update.

@BLUETTI_CARE, Same problem for me: EB3A UPS functionality not working like true UPS.

Serial number EB3A2249004468503
ARM 2053.07
DSP 2052.07

@metal_messiah Sorry for my late reply. I will push a firmware fo you in 24 hours.

thanks, waiting for it