Eb3a "overload"

I just started using this thing a day ago. It is brand new. I bought it to use as a UPS for my wireless router and cable modem. The draw on it is less than 100 watts, yet the thing shuts off the ac output every few hours and displays an “overload” message on the display. I have to manually turn the ac output back on to get it to work again. Since I am not coming even close to the 600 watts output that this thing is supposed to support, there is obviously something wrong. What’s going on?

This is a fairly common issue with the EB3A. Between me and by brother and dad, we have 5 units in total and 3 have this error. We were using UPS mode to backup AC loads of around 40W, and randomly the AC would turn off with overload error. It sometimes happens a few hours later, sometimes a few days, longest interval was 2 weeks. But the 2 EB3A that doesn’t have this issue has been running for 3 months straight. This was back in March and April.

If you contact bluetti, they may push you a custom firmware to try to remedy the problem. It didn’t work for me and I end up having to return them for a refund. Worth a shot to try first.

@bluetti_rrontmangmailcom Please provide me with the SN and the firmware version. Then I can if there is a firmware for updating to test.

Attached is the requested info.

Thanks. They have reached out to me. We shall see what happens.

@bluetti_rrontmangmailcom The new firmware has been pushed. Please try to update the firmware to check if the problem can be solved.

firmware updated; now, it’s a waiting game

@bluetti_rrontmangmailcom Thank your for your feedback. If there is further problem, feel free to let me know.

The new firmware did not resolve the problem. Therefore, this device is useless to me, but I’m stuck with it. You guys should not continue to sell this thing, especially since you have been aware of this issue for some time.

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My EB3A has the same overload problem when using low watts say 60 watts and 10 minutes later it overloads, but I did some testing and if I output 90+ watts it doesn’t overload, so everyone try doing 90+ watts and see if it works.

New firmware failed. This junk should not be on the market. This was my first bluetti product. This is my last bluetti product.

@bluetti_rrontmangmailcom I’m sorry for the inconvenience. Did you update the firmware successfully?

Yes. the firmware was successfully updated, but the problem remains. This thing still randomly shuts off the ac outlets because it thinks there’s an overload, which there isn’t. After dealing with this for days, I’ve learned that this is a common and known problem with this device. Bluetti is now on my never again list.


@bluetti_rrontmangmailcom I’m sincerely sorry for the problem. If the firmware update can’t solve the problem, I think it is the problem of the motherboard. Please contact the support for the warranty.

I have the same problem

Have the same problem …

Same issue – EB3A, moderate AC loads, 50W-200W, randomly get an OVERLOAD and AC turns off.

I believe the s/n is 2223011311688 ARM v2057.11 DSP v2056.10

Hi I just got my EB3A about 14 days ago. Im also getting the A082 Error (Grid Voltage Low), A083 Error (Grid Over Frequency) , A0616 (Grid Relay Failure) and A038 (Overall Battery Undervoltage Protection)
I always charge through my AVR and have opnly charged it for like 2 or 3 times, AVR is running at a stable 220V plus all my other apppliances are working fine.
I brought the EB3A to another house from another area just to test if the issue was with my homes power supply but I was having the same erorrs there. The UPS keeps blinking but it wont charge. It was almost drained then I updated the firmware then it went back to 30% but still wont charge. Please help