EB3A in UPS mode turns off AC output shortly

Using Bluetti EB3A for almost 1.5 years, mostly in UPS mode with PC, and had literally no issues with it all this time. But few days ago started getting annoying AC-output turnoffs for 1 second, just enough to turn off PC (not sure about voltage in my grid, may be there is some issues, but electricity in house didn’t even blink at that time). It doesnt affected if Bluetti outplugged from the grid — in this case it keep working from batteries as it should and did before.

As for now it’s pretty warm, but not too hot — last summer weather was much hotter.
Also we have troubles with AC grid, but if its on — it’s stable and most of time shows 230v/50hz (just once after turning off there was 240v).

Disruptions in these dayse were in the evening, usage was just 120-160 watts or even under 10 watts.
There is no errors on display.
Firmware update didn’t change anything — actually device got 1 or 2 AC output disabiles in a few minutes right after update. Right now ARM is 2063.03 and DSP is 2052.11 — first time updated after buying in january 2023.

Serial number is 2244003022538.
Power lifting mode was used few times just to look how its going.
ECO mode was activated, but disabled today.
Charging mode was Silent for last months and switched back to Standard for now.

Is there any suggestions or firmware versions for this situation? Thanks.

@UserOfBluetti The new firmware will be pushed to your EB3A to test. Looking forward to your update.

Got it and installed it.
First few hour it was fine but in last 1,5 hours Bluetti shorly turned off AC output 4 times. All other electricity in the house didn’t even blink.
Not really usefull UPS for PC, huh.
If there really was some low voltage in the grid for 1 second, why Bluetti didn’t switch to battery usage like it should and did last months before?

@UserOfBluetti 1. Does EB3A temporarily shut down the AC output when the SOC is 99%~100%?
2. When EB3A temporarily shuts down the AC output, will the AC output indicator light of the machine go out for a while or remain on?
3. Have you used a multimeter to measure the AC output? When the AC output is temporarily shut down, does the AC output voltage drop suddenly?

Could you please take a short video about this issue?

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Same device and same issue since I bought it. When in Zips mode it disconnects itself for few seconds from time to time, then reconnects without intervention.

I planned to use it as UPS for an aquarium but this behavior is unacceptable. I really liked the unit and fitted my needs like a glove, but currently it’s unusable as is.

As I said, the AC output goes off and, as far as I remember, everything just shuts off as well, every light and indicator

Waiting for some fix or I’ll have to return it…



Have exactly same problem.
Using periodically my EB3A over 2 years, and week ago a problem started to appear- temporary (1-2 sec) shutting down the AC output in UPS mode.
My EB3A serial number- EB3A2236001646042.
Are there currently any options to solve the problem?

Hi @BLUETTI_CARE! Can you give pls last update to my EB3A sn:EB3A2236001108742
ARM v2063.02. DSP v2052.07
I have shut down bug in ups mode ,and 99%bug every 20-30min ,then charge again ,maybe on 80% for ex ? )

May be you can also add some signalling about low % of charge in new firmware? Device is not too big, it can hold PC only 1-2 hours, so some light blinking at 10% and 5% of charge can show it’s time to turn off everything.

@Alex6600 Could you please provide me with the firmware version as well?

@Swpl The firmware version is not the latest. Please update the firmware to the latest one.

@UserOfBluetti I will feedback your request to the R&D department. Thank you for your opinion.

Firmware versions is:
ARM 2063.03
DSP 2052.11

I’m sorry the firmware is the latest one. Please contact the after-sale support to repair it.

There are no official services or representatives in our country.
What other options are there?
Before updating to the latest firmware, I did not notice such a problem. Maybe there was a problem, but not so often. Is it possible to roll back the firmware to a previous version?

@Alex6600 Which firmware do you want to roll back?

Unfortunately, I don’t remember what version was before the new firmware.
Maybe try the previous stable firmware?

@Alex6600 I will forward the request to the technician. If I get any update, I will let you know ASAP.

@Alex6600 Please update the firmware. And the firmware is the old firmware version. When you finish it, please let me know, then we will delete the notification for the firmware upgrade.

Done. Thanks! I will try with this firmware version

@Alex6600 Thanks for your update.