EB3A: In UPS mode, inverter overloads are turning off AC outlets

Good morning all,
Did not plug in my 5g router, but some of my tv electronics, with the tv off total draw around 35 watts, woke up to the overload and ac outlets out. Thinking about returning, but some solar ideas i want to try out, so my keep and hope for a fix down the road. I have tiill May 4th to decide.

I agree, acting more hardware related, with how long inverters and UPS technology has been around i didn’t expect a issue with low draw devices.

With my original device, I got an inverter overload at least one time with zero load (with eco mode turned off).

If you’re getting inverter overload, you need to have the device replaced.

Regards, Gary.

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I agree, acting more hardware related, with how long inverters and UPS technology has been around i didn’t expect a issue with low draw devices.

I noticed that the EB3A USA page has 24/7 UPS listed as a feature, but the Canadian page no longer has 24/7 listed as a feature of the EB3A. I really hope they would fix this.

Good evening,
Well after also discovering the PV charge issue this unit has, i am returning it and trying a different manufacturer and model.

What PV charge issue do you have?

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Good morning,
PV Low voltage issue, if you search for it it comes up, you need 10 to 12 watts on your pannel b4 the PV charging will start, after it starts it will charge down below that.

I see… is it actually a problem if it doesn’t charge below 10w though? At say 8w, it will take 45 hours to charge EB3A, 4 straight days of daylight. Won’t almost all practical charging be more than 10-12W?

New EB3A owner here. Noticed the noisy fan PWM hum right away. And then the random shutdowns started. 2 so far within 24hrs. It seems Bluetti has pushed a firmware update today v2056.13, I’m testing it right now. If it doesn’t fix it, I’ll return it. What a bummer, it’s a great little unit.

Don’t bother with the update. It made it significantly worse.
Failed within 2hrs instead of every 12hrs.
As a software developer, it’s become clear that Bluetti has no clue how to fix this issue, and I refuse to be a beta tester for a company this large.
The EB3A is now boxed up and will be returned to Amazon. =(

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Between myself and my brother, we have bought 4 of these. 3 have the overload issue, updating firmware to .12 didn’t help and returned the first 2. My brother tried to update to .13 but still overloads and thus returned. One of mine (purchased with the other 2 failing ones) had been running on .10 without issues for 2 months already, just updated it to .13, hopefully this one would stay working. Maybe I should not have updated it to .13 if it was working…

Do we know what changed with DSP .13?

Great. I installed my EB3A this morning, this afternoon it shut down with inverter overload.
The fact that this problem is so common is pretty disappointing.

EDIT: Lasted 2 hours the second time.
After the 1st fail I updated to the latest firmware and, thinking maybe the problem was there was no DC load, I turned on DC and connected my phone for charging.

Here’s the really stupid thing. The DC KEPT WORKING. I had the app up on my phone and it clearly showed current flow both Current INPUT from the Grid AND DC Output. The only thing that failed is the AC Output got turned off.

So wtf.

Jumped through all their ridiculous hoops, got a replacement, failed twice within a day.

This is just stupid.

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I had purchased 2 of these but cancelled before delivery due to reading about these problems when using them in UPS mode.
I have since ordered and taken delivery of 2 AC180’s using them specifically for UPS functions.
Apart from initial noisey fan issues, which were fixed by a firmware push, they have not missed a beat so far.
Understand this doesn’t help your problems, but maybe an option to get a refund and look at the AC180 option.
Wishing you all the best.

@GaryMooney Here the same trouble with a AC200MAX. AC falls out with low or intermittent load (also in Eco mode off), and the problem is less with continuously 120W output at least; but that’s not feasible in wintertime. Haven’t had this problem not even once since I bought the unit last year.
It seems defective and I think that it might indeed be due to the inverter. I have to return the unit to let it repair.

I hear what you’re saying, but no way would I ever trust another Bluetti product. They already shut down my equipment more often than having no UPS at all would have.

Same problem Was sent a replacement unit ran OK 10 days, Inverter overload 3 times yesterday
( load is 55W)_once this AM
Over the 30 days to return to Amazon
Contacting them again today
Not happy Would return for refund If I could

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How do you turn thd ups mode off my EB3A run flat and will not charge help ?

Same issue here. My EB3A is on .13 and has a low watt draw in UPS mode and is going into overload. The eco mode is turned off because of what I am running, a NOAA weather radio. The draw from the AC is not even registering, even though it shows up as 2-3watts when using a Killawatt to measure. To add to the fun when I noticed it, took awhile because it should just worked, it said it only had 1% battery left. So I reset the overload and it started charging. Not 5 minutes later it is showing 100% battery and I am left confused. This is not a problem that should be occuring, especially with low draw devices. I was really hoping to have it as my UPS for my weather radio given the fun weather, and oh so reliable grid, where I live. This is something that should have been resolved within 1, maybe 2, months of it being a known common problem. There are people that could rely on this for lifesaving medical equipment and this could easily be a life threatening situation. Come on Bluetti fix this.

I’m having the same issue. Overload while in UPS mode drawing only 15 watts. Eco mode is off. Turbo is off. My Serial Number is EB3А2237001669184.